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Yomela Lark, Orthynes Faction Leader

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Yomela Lark, Orthynes Faction Leader

Post by Yomela Lark on Tue May 17, 2016 6:42 pm


Full Name: Yomela Obsidian Lark
Alias: Serenity
Date of Birth/Age: Kyrius, Aecus 23, 1874 / 26
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Personality: Yomela tends to be a mixture of many different personalities. In certain situations where there happens to be arguments, hostility, or the presence of "live or die" choices, she can be rather negotiable, rude, tense, judgmental, impatient, and sassy. When trying to calm others, she can be as sweet as honey, gentle as a mother bear to her cubs, and caring as any mother would be. She dislikes when others underestimate, insult, ignore, or threaten her, and she rarely tolerates others acting immature in her presence. To younger individuals, she tries to be the unbreakable role-model, but deep down she's sensitive as still water and not at all confident in herself or the decisions she makes on a daily basis. She tries her best to be strong and confident, but her sensitivity to every-day situations makes her be a bit easy to upset and discourage.
Fears: Her own death, the death(s) of others around her, seeing a loved one/family member die in front of her, being unable to create peace, being unable to save a life/lives, bloodshed, and war being declared.


Height: 5 feet 11 inches
Weight: 137 pounds
Eye Color: Dark chocolate brown
Born Appearance/Looks: A little paler than cream skin tone and very little muscle mass. Curvy body type, thin in middle, a bit wider at waist and torso. Very long, goes down to middle of back jet-black hair. Shiny, smooth skin and long skinny legs. Dainty hands with long skinny fingers, small feet as well. Smallish button nose, slightly chubby cheeks, and a narrow face. Slightly bigger eyes than normal that stand out among her facial features.


Weapons: Longsword, slightly long dagger, crossbow, and long whip
Clothing/Armor: Long or short dresses with flowing looks, sometimes she wears somewhat protective leather armor, but only when she's attempting to protect another person by blocking an attack with her body or taking a hit for them.
Gear/Gadgets: None
Other: Earrings, hair pins, rings, and necklaces.

Social Status

Place of birth: Zeyric continent, Idilis country, Anton city
Faction: Orthynes
Role: Faction Leader
Occupation: Works as a nurse to whomever needs her medical and intellectual skills. It doesn't matter what the backstory of the person she's helping happens to be, they could be of a rival faction for all she cares, but she'll take the best of care of them. She always sees all patients equally no matter how they act, how they look, or how they react to her being there, so she takes care of a wide variety of people.
Alignment: Slightly neutral but mostly good
Family/Relatives: Mother: Rosanna Marie Lark. Father: Malbruk Maroon Lark. Siblings: Hougen Alexander Lark (twin brother, same age as her) and Brietta Elizabeth Lark (sister, 13 years younger than her)
Spouse: Not currently but she might have someone dear to herself some day
Pet(s)/Companion(s): None


Extra: None
History: Yomela was born in the city of Anton, Idilis with her twin brother Hougen. The twin siblings grew up together and were inseparable to most people the two of them met, but something happened one day which changed her life forever. Her brother suddenly changed into a completely different person and the two siblings got into a terrible argument. They called each other names, physically hit one another, before Hougen stormed out of their house shouting at her "I wish you were dead!". Yomela never saw her twin brother again, even though she searched for him for months even going into dangerous territory in search for her only brother, but it had already been too late. There was no sign of him anywhere. After a while, she gave up her search and returned home to her parents. She then moved out and joyfully cared for her little sister, Brietta.

In her toddler/young child days she was very energetic and playful. She played games with her twin brother all the time when she could before the daylight faded and they were called inside by her parents. She treated everyone as a play-mate even complete strangers which put her at slight risk of encountering dangerous people, but luckily she never encountered one. After her twin brother ran away and never came back when she was around 13 years old and before her little sister was born, she attempted to try doing something to take her mind off her brother's disappearance. She tried helping her mother with the people who she tended to, who were often either sick/ill or wounded in some sort of way. After a while of giving her mom a hand with the patients, she found out she enjoyed acting as a nurse helping others, so she made it her permanent career.

After becoming a nurse in her birth town, she began to think about how her brother had treated her the last time the two siblings saw one another. She soon afterwards noticed two smallish armies facing each other off in a battle and when the fighting finally stopped, most of the individuals of both armies had been killed. From that day on she started thinking that there should be world peace. She had known about the other factions and was aware of what they did to make a living, so an idea popped into her head about the creation of a new faction which only existed to persuade peace world-wide and to end all wars. One day she decided she was the one who needed to create it, so she came up with Orthynes and after a slightly long while, people had became a part of her created faction, but there was only one thing that the faction needed - a leader.

She waited to see who the people of Orthynes would choose to lead the faction she had founded. She thought the position would go to someone with more experience than her, someone older than her, but she was shocked to see that the people chose her. She looked to her parents when she needed advice but then she became the one to give advice to others. She had a faction who followed her every command, and she needed to be strong because if she fell, her faction would all fall with her. She needed to be the best leader she could be, and she turned into it eventually. She now works as a nurse for the sick and wounded of all factions.

Roleplay Sample: Yomela walked into her home, setting down her longsword in its sheathe leaned against her nightstand. Her dark chocolate brown eyes scanned the room before she heard someone outside calling out her name. "Hold on! I'm coming!" she called out to them. Must have a patient! she thought to herself before she grabbed her medical kit and ran out of the room, not wanting to waste any time.
Yomela Lark

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Re: Yomela Lark, Orthynes Faction Leader

Post by Desmeon on Sun Jun 19, 2016 8:32 pm

You may now roleplay, as Zero would say. ^^'



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Re: Yomela Lark, Orthynes Faction Leader

Post by Zero on Sun Jun 26, 2016 3:47 pm

Your code is I68993
Please refer to the information topic for details.



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Re: Yomela Lark, Orthynes Faction Leader

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