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Character Logging (IMPORTANT)

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Character Logging (IMPORTANT)

Post by Zero on Tue Jun 07, 2016 1:29 am

Hello and thank you for your time. As the character moderator I'd like to ask of everyone to please post on your character application saying "Edited - (Insert Date Here)" accompanied by a spolier containing quotes of what was added and/or removed each time you edit it.

This will act as a log so I and any future character moderators, can easily identify what was edited when reapproving your characters.


"Edited 6/6/16


'Bob' has a pet pony named Taco Macho that came from Mexico. Taco Macho is often seen wearing a sombrero much too large for him and stealing other's unattended tacos.


'Bob' can throw thunder bolts from his palms at will and can smite all those who dare stand in his path with a single flick of the wrist.

NOTE: Humans can't naturally use magic without the assistance of animals and/or enchanted entities. So do not use the as an example.

Can't seem to figure out what all this black magic is? Copy, paste and edit this:

Edited -  / /


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