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The Beginning: Waterstar's Lie (Work-In-Progress!)(Not Rated!)

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The Beginning: Waterstar's Lie (Work-In-Progress!)(Not Rated!)

Post by Yomela Lark on Tue Jun 07, 2016 6:16 pm

MistClan Allegiance

Leader ~
       HARESTAR - brown bob-tailed she-cat with distinctive white tail, giving her name; amber eyes; mate of Otterfur
Deputy ~
       WATERHEART - gray tabby tom with a distinctive gray raindrop-shaped marking on his chest; green eyes; mate to Silverrain
Medicine Cats ~
       SNOWSHINE - old, scarred white tom; clouded-over blue eyes; born blind
       NETTLELEAF - brown she-cat with black speckled coat; green eyes
               APPRENTICE; SOOTPAW (thick-furred black tom; lime-green eyes)
Warriors ~
       DIAMONDGAZE - calico she-cat with a black fore-paw; gorgeous light purple eyes; mate of Cloudleap
               APPRENTICE; WINDPAW
       OTTERFUR - brown tom with white belly and tail tip; green eyes; mate to Harestar
       SIRENFLAME - pitch-black she-cat; dazzling fiery orange eyes
               APPRENTICE; MOSSPAW
       RAVENWING - black tom; amber eyes; mate to Nightflower
       WHITECLAW - white tom; amber eyes
               APPRENTICE; JAYPAW
       SPECKLEDLIGHT - dark brown she-cat; amber eyes
       BLACKFEATHER - black tom; green eyes
       FOXCLAW - reddish brown tom with a distinctive small white speck on his chest; brown eyes; mate to Mistfur
               APPRENTICE; ROOTPAW
       ASHPELT - dark gray tom; green eyes
       NIGHTFLOWER - black she-cat; pine tree colored green eyes; mate of Ravenwing
       PINESPLOTCH - brown she-cat with white splotches; amber eyes
       DOVEWING - white she-cat; blue eyes
       CLOUDLEAP - white tom; green eyes; mate to Diamondgaze
Queens ~
       SILVERRAIN - silver tabby she-cat, faint stripes; icy-blue eyes; nursing Waterheart's kits: Wolfkit (gray tabby tom) and Shadowkit (very dark gray tabby she-kit); nursing adoptive kit: Moonkit (white tom with faint gray spots)
       MISTFUR - very pale ginger tabby she-cat; blue eyes; nursing Foxclaw's kits: Tigerkit (ginger tabby she-kit), Minkkit (brown and white tom), and Birchkit (brown tabby tom)
Apprentices ~
       BRACKENPAW - brown tabby tom; green eyes
       JAYPAW - bluish gray tom; amber eyes
       MARSHPAW - brown tabby tom; light green eyes
       MOSSPAW - cream-ginger tabby she-cat; blue eyes
       ROOTPAW - brown tom; amber eyes
       SHADEPAW - black she-cat; luminescent green eyes
       SPOTTEDPAW - calico tom; green eyes
       WINDPAW - darkish gray she-cat; amber eyes
Elders ~
       THISTLETWIST - black and white speckled she-cat; milky amber eyes; blind due to aging; oldest she-cat in MistClan
       PEARLPELT - white she-cat with her left eye missing; right eye is blue; going deaf due to aging
       BADGERFANG - old, battle-scarred brown tom; green eyes; oldest tom in MistClan

ThistleClan Alleigance

Leader ~
       RUBYSTAR - auburn-red she-cat with scars along shoulders; green eyes
Deputy ~
       GRIZZLYFANG - very large dark brown tom; amber eyes
Medicine Cats ~
       OWLFEATHER - tawny she-cat with white underbelly from nose to tail tip, giving her name; amber eyes
       SPECKLETAIL - tortoiseshell she-cat; amber eyes)
                     APPRENTICE; PANTHERPAW (black she-cat; blue eyes)
Warriors ~
       LIZARDTONGUE - pale tabby tom with a forked tongue due to a battle wound, giving him his name; amber eyes
       BLOSSOMSTREAM - pretty silver tabby she-cat; blue eyes
       NEWTSPRING - golden brown tabby tom, bold dark brown stripes; amber eyes
       GLASSGAZE - white tom with milky eyes; born blind, yet couldn't become medicine cat
       HONEYDEW - cream tabby she-cat; green eyes
               APPRENTICE; FAWNPAW
       RABBITLEAP - brown bob-tailed tom with distinctive white tail, giving him his name; green eyes; brother of Harestar of MistClan
               APPRENTICE; IVYPAW
       DAWNSTRIPE - light golden brown tabby tom; amber eyes
       PEBBLESTREAM - light brown she-cat with white spots throughout fur; green eyes
       SILENTWHISPER - silvery tom; amber eyes
       SKYWING - silvery gray tabby tom; green eyes; mate to Palepoppy
               APPRENTICE; MUDPAW
Queens ~
       PALEPOPPY - white she-cat; blue eyes; nursing Skywing's kits: Zebrakit (black and white tabby she-kit), Ashkit (pale gray tom), Stormkit (light gray tom), and Ripplekit (pale gray she-kit)
       MISERYWING - dark gray she-cat; green eyes; nursing a rogue cat's kits: Rainkit (dark gray tom), Graykit (dark gray she-kit), and Mistykit (dark gray she-kit)
Apprentices ~
       AMBERPAW - very dark brown tabby tom; amber eyes
       CREAMPAW - cream tabby she-cat; brown eyes
       DINGOPAW - cream and brown speckled tom; green eyes
       FAWNPAW - light brown she-cat with white patches through fur; icy-blue eyes
       IVYPAW - black she-cat; luminescent green eyes, giving her name
       MUDPAW - brown tabby tom with unusually long fangs; amber eyes
       STOATPAW - orange brown she-cat with white belly, white paws, chest, muzzle and black tail tip; blue eyes
       THORNPAW - russet tom with fur the color of blood-stained autumn leaves; multi-colored eyes that stand out
Elders ~
       LEOPARDSNOW - gray and silver spotted she-cat; deaf due to aging; oldest cat in ThistleClan

WhisperClan Allegiance

Leader ~
       JEWELSTAR - pale gray she-cat with mottled gray pelt; unusually purple eyes, giving her name
Deputy ~
       QUILLFEATHER - light brown tabby tom with white tail tip; green eyes; mate to Blanketsoft
               APPRENTICE; HAWKPAW
Medicine Cats ~
       JAGGEDCLIFF - old brown tom with lighter brown smoky coat; amber eyes
       SIRENSONG - mottled gray she-cat; blue eyes
               APPRENTICE; ADDERPAW (sleek black she-cat; lavender colored eyes)
Warriors ~
       DEADROOT - dark brown tom; amber eyes
       LONELYHEART - pretty she-cat with a dappled pelt; green eyes
       ROBINSONG - pale gray and white splotched she-cat with a distinctive black speck on chest; teal-colored eyes
       CINDERQUILL - ash-colored she-cat; green eyes
       MAPLELEAF - orangish brown she-cat; blue eyes
       SPIRALTAIL - gray and white tabby tom with stripes that appear to spiral around; amber eyes; mate to Pandapatch
       EVERGREENPINE - white tom; pine needle green colored eyes, giving him his name
               APPRENTICE; DEERPAW
       SHADYHEART - dark brown tom; amber eyes
       BEARCLAW - brown tabby tom; green eyes
       KITEWING - dapple (white and shades of brown) pelted she-cat; blue eyes
       SERVALTAIL - unusually spotted golden tabby she-cat; amber eyes
       LONGPELT - thick-furred gray tom; green eyes
       RUSSET FLAME IN THE DARKEST NIGHT (RUSSET) - russet-brown tabby she-cat; bright green eyes; last remaining cat known to once be in the Tribe of Running Brooks
       TWINEFUR - ragged-coated thick-furred ginger tom; green eyes
Queens ~
       PANDAPATCH - uniquely marked black and white she-cat; blue eyes; nursing Spiraltail's kits: Darkkit (thick-furred dark gray she-kit), Twokit (gray tom with two distinctive darker gray stripes on his cheek), and Petalkit (snowy white she-cat with slight cream tint to her fur)
       BLANKETSOFT - white she-cat; green eyes; nursing Quillfeather's kits: Dawnkit (creamy white she-kit), Fernkit (light brown tabby she-kit), Sandkit (cream she-kit), and Streamkit (brown tabby tom)
Apprentices ~
       BRUSHPAW - brown tabby tom; amber eyes
       DEERPAW - light brown she-cat with white underbelly; blue eyes
       GHOSTPAW - white tom; differently colored eyes: left is amber, right is blue
       GORSEPAW - sandy-colored tabby tom; amber eyes
       HAWKPAW - reddish brown tom; amber eyes
       QUIETPAW - white she-cat; green eyes
       SMALLPAW - small but fearless light brown tabby she-cat; amber eyes
       SWALLOWPAW - orangish brown she-cat with a bobtail; blue eyes
Elders ~
        BLIZZARDSPLOTCH - old white she-cat with very faint silver splotches, scarred shoulders; milky light green eyes; blind due to aging; oldest she-cat in WhisperClan
        OAKWHISKER - very dark brown tom, appears almost black with a white fore-paw (left); green eyes; oldest tom in WhisperClan

MoonClan Allegiance

Leader ~
       OWLSTAR - white tom with black spotted coat, looks very similar to a snowy owl's pattern; green eyes
Deputy ~
       GREENGAZE - dark brown tom with scarred muzzle and shoulders; very bright green eyes, giving him his name
               APPRENTICE; NUTMEG
Medicine Cats ~
       PALEMOON - very old silver tom; milky eyes; born blind
       BROOKWHISKER - brown tabby she-cat with a crippled, broken hind leg; amber eyes
               APPRENTICE; MISSINGPAW (ginger tom with a missing left fore-paw, giving him his name; amber eyes)
Warriors ~
       COMETSTRIPE - gray tom with darker gray stripe running down spine, giving him his name; amber eyes
       VIPERFANG - black tom with unusually long canine teeth/fangs; green eyes
       STRIPEDPELT - gray tabby tom; amber eyes
       REDCLAW - reddish tabby she-cat; amber eyes
       TWISTEDFOOT - black tom with a white paw that is twisted backwards due to an accident; blue eyes
       PENGUINSNOW - black and white tuxedo she-cat with penguin-patterned coat; light amber eyes
       SILENTCRY - small pale gray she-cat; blue eyes
       IVORYHEART - white tom; green eyes; mate to Sunwhisker
       GRAYSPLOTCH - white she-cat with gray splotched pelt; green eyes
              APPRENTICE; EGGNOG
       DAWNFLOWER - yellow tabby she-cat with white paws, chest patch, and tail tip; green eyes
       CHILLBREEZE - white she-cat with silver splotches; amber eyes
       CLEARSTREAM - silver she-cat with gray patch over right eye; icy-blue eyes
       JAGUARCLAW - unusually spotted golden tabby tom; amber eyes
Queens ~
       SUNWHISKER - brown she-cat; amber eyes; nursing Ivoryheart's kits: Pinekit (white tom with brown splotches) and Splotchkit (white she-kit with light brown splotches); nursing adoptive kit: Featherkit (white she-kit with faint gray splotches)
Apprentices ~
       ANGELPAW - white she-cat with very fluffy tail which has a very faint silver tip; blue eyes
       DAPPLEDPAW - calico she-cat (brown, black, and orange patches); teal colored eyes
       EGGNOG - cream colored tom; green eyes
       LILACPAW - Siamese she-cat; lilac colored eyes, giving her name
       MUDDYPAW - dapple pelted tom; green eyes
       NUTMEG - cream colored she-cat; blue eyes
       RACCOONPAW - silver she-cat with black face mask, paws, and striped tail; brown eyes
       STORMPAW - gray tom with brown splotches; green eyes
       YELLOWPAW - yellow tabby she-cat; amber eyes
Elders ~
        HEATHERFOOT - speckled brown she-cat; green eyes; going deaf due to aging; oldest cat in MoonClan 

Cats Outside of Clans

       PIXIE - fluffy white she-cat; blue eyes; kitty-pet; mother of Moonkit and Featherkit
       SPOTS - white tom with gray splotches; amber eyes; rogue; father of Moonkit and Featherkit
       MIDNIGHT - black she-cat with a tiny white speck on chest; blue eyes; rogue

Other Animals

       MAZY – female Australian shepherd with brown eyes and a red bandanna (white pawprint on one corner). Lives on Sun Stirrup Ranch with Max, Avalanche, and Sahara.
       AVALANCHE – male Tetra Shepherd dog with blue eyes. Lives with Mazy, Max, and Sahara on Sun Stirrup Ranch.
       SAHARA – female Golden Retriever with brown eyes. Lives with Avalanche, Max, and Mazy.
       FURY – black mustang with black mane and tail. Untamed horse on Sun Stirrup Ranch
       ACORN – palomino mare. Tamed horse on Sun Stirrup Ranch
       DAPPLE – gray stallion with white patches and white mane and tail. Tamed horse on Sun Stirrup Ranch
       CHESTNUT – brown stallion with black mane and tail. Tamed horse at Sun Stirrup Ranch
       CHEROKEE – brown and white paint horse stallion. Tamed horse at Sun Stirrup Ranch
       SHADOW – dark gray stallion with white fore-socks, white hind-stockings, and a blaze down his muzzle. Tamed horse at Sun Stirrup Ranch
       CHILLY – white mare with gray nose. Tamed horse at Sun Stirrup Ranch
       CHAOS – dark brown mustang with cream mane and tail and a white sock on his right fore-leg. Untamed horse at Sun Stirrup Ranch

Prologue: New Responsibilties

       A large clearing lies surrounded by thick forests stands right smack in the middle of the woods. This is where MistClan has made their camp lies. The clearing was silent; so silent, you could hear your own heartbeat. Several cats sat in the clearing, their heads turned towards one figure crouched down next to another figure. The cat had been sitting vigil, her amber eyes dull with sorrow as she raised her head. The mottled gray cat lying at her paws was her deputy at one time - but not anymore. After MistClan had a pointless battle with ThistleClan which became very bloody near the end, several clanmates of hers had lost their lives, and most of those remaining had dealt with the lost of a relative.
       The brown bob-tailed she-cat with her white tail raised up to stand from her crouching position before she climbed up on top a big rock. "All cats old enough to catch their own prey, gather under High Rock for a Clan meeting!" the she-cat yowled loudly. At the command, all cats besides kits had gathered near the High Rock, their eyes never leaving their leader's pelt. "The battle we had with ThistleClan less than a moon ago has left us with several clanmates no longer here......including that of my dear friend Woolfur. Woolfur has been my loyal deputy for more than 7 moons, and his loss is hard for me to bare, but even that does not rid of me of my responsibilities as leader. The time has come to appoint a new deputy!" the she-cat yowled.
       The gathered cats below waited in anticipation for her next words. "I say these words before StarClan that the spirits of our ancestors may hear and approve my choice." she paused to scan her eyes over the crowd of gathered cats. "Waterheart will be the new deputy of MistClan!" she finally said after several seconds. Many of the cats below gasped before they all turned towards a gray tabby tom in the middle of the crowd, who was now identified as Waterheart. The gray tabby tom's green eyes were wide in surprise and disbelief at his leader's words. He awkwardly stood up and stepped forward before he leaped forward, before standing beside his leader. "Harestar, cats of Mistclan, I never thought I'd see this day come to me, but I promise to do my best in serving you!" Waterheart exclaimed.
       The brown and white bob-tailed she-cat known as Harestar nodded in acknowledgement before she remembered something. "There is one more duty I have to perform, since Jaypaw's mentor is now among our warrior ancestors, I must appoint him a new mentor." she paused for a few seconds. "Whiteclaw, you are a strong and dependable warrior, so you shall be Jaypaw's new mentor. I trust you will pass on your skills and knowledge to Jaypaw." Harestar finished. At the command, a blue-gray young tom stepped forth and pressed noses with a white tom close by. Harestar and Waterheart then leaped down off of High Rock as the Clan meeting ended.
       Waterheart sighed deeply and came over to Harestar as she was sitting down outside her den. "Why'd you choose me?" he asked her, green eyes flickering with worry. "Why doesn't matter! I've chose you, that's all I'd like to share." she mewed in response, making Waterheart's worried expression worsen. "I wish you would've chose somebody else! There are other warriors here with more experience than me! Blackfeather's been a warrior since I was an apprentice. Pinesplotch and Whiteclaw were too!" Waterheart exclaimed, his tone most of all made her feel worried.
       Harestar relaxed and at his mention of older warriors, she chuckled softly and her whiskers twitched with amusement. "They're not as young as they used to be, and neither am I. You will do great at this job just as I did when I became deputy!" she reassured him gently. Waterheart sighed deeply again, his ears lowering. "I'll try my best, but-" he cut off his protest as Harestar stood up and went into her den, refusing to argue with him further. His ears went back and his eyes widened, a faint fear-scent surrounding him. Movement out the corner of his eye made him glance in that direction to see a speckled pelt cross the clearing. It was Nettleleaf, one of the medicine cats of his Clan.
       He slowly padded over to her. "Hello Nettleleaf! Any news of when Silverrain will be kitting?" he asked her. The speckled she-cat looked at him, her green eyes twinkling before her tail twitched with annoyance. "For StarClan's sake, Waterheart, stop this already! For 5 flea-bitten days you've asked me and Snowshine the same question and we continue to tell you the same thing! We both are unsure what time Silverrain will start kitting, but we both think the day she will is approaching fast! When that time comes, Silverain and us will know what to do! Now will you stop worrying already?!" she yowled frustrated-like and annoyed in response.
       Waterheart stepped back twice, surprised at the medicine cat's sudden outbursts. "What can I do but worry?! She's the love of my life, I vowed to keep her and our kits safe, and by StarClan, I'm not going to break that vow!" he yowled in response, his green eyes turning dull in distress. Nettleleaf sighed deeply before her fur, that was once prickled, laid flat as she relaxed. "You can leave that job to me and Snowshine! For now, do something to keep your mind off the worry!" she finally mewed after several seconds of silence. Waterheart opened his mouth as if to protest, but by then, the she-cat had already padded off and entered the medicine den.
       He was about to pad off towards the fresh-kill pile when he heard some cat chuckle nearby. He turned his head in time to see a brown tom with a white belly and tail tip pad over towards him. The tom stopped as he reached Waterheart and stood in front of him. "I felt the same way when my kits were born." the tom mewed. Waterheart sighed, closing his eyes, and laying his ears back. "Not as much as I am." Waterheart replied, letting out a deep sigh. He then opened his eyes. "Am I right about that, Otterfur?" he asked the fellow warrior. The tom before him, now referred to as Otterfur, snickered softly at the newly-made deputy's words.
       "Actually, I was more worried after she had them! Something...went wrong, and she had lost a lot of blood. I thought for sure she wouldn't make it! I was so afraid and worried it felt as though my heart had stopped!" Otterfur paused before lowering his head and looking at the ground. "Snowshine was there when it happened.......but even with his healing expertise, I couldn't rid myself of my emotions then. Harestar survived, which I'm extremely happy about and our kits are now apprentices........but even that didn't make me relax. I asked Snowshine why Harestar took so long to wake up afterwards........he told me she not only lost one of her nine lives.................but two." he finished, laying his ears down.
       Waterheart hadn't moved from his spot. His mouth suddenly felt dry. His green eyes were as wide as full moons as he came to a stunning realization. But then that would mean.............Harestar only has 2 lives left! Wouldn't it?! he thought to himself. He then gasped as Otterfur began to turn away. He let the tom pad away before he turned and gazed at the leader's den, silently debating whether he should ask Harestar if his predictions were true or not or to let her be. He took a glance to his right as he spotted movement, only to realize it was another warrior. He sighed, again deeply before shaking his head as he chose not to bother Harestar about how many lives she had left and padded off.
       He was about to enter the warrior's den when he was cut off as 4 cats padded over to him. A calico she-cat, a black tom, a brown and white she-cat, and a white tom. He stopped short and looked at them. "Sorry for rushing your new duties on you, Waterheart, but do you know who will be on the evening patrol?" the black tom spoke, who he recognized to be Ravenwing. Waterheart blinked in confusion, laying his ears down. "Uhhhh-" he cut off as the calico she-cat interrupted, "We could be the evening patrol if you want us to." she mewed. Waterheart lifted his ears before a smile appeared on his muzzle. "Sure, go ahead." the deputy finally responded in some mews.
       Diamondgaze, the calico she-cat who had spoke to him nodded in response. She then turned towards the other 2 cats who hadn't yet spoken that Waterheart soon recognized to be Pinesplotch and Cloudleap. Waterheart sighed deeply moments later as he watched all 4 fellow warriors disappear through the camp entrance. I know I've done great as a warrior, but will I do great as a deputy too?! Harestar should've chosen someone else, someone who'd have the confidence in themselves, the confidence I lack greatly! If what Otterfur said is true then that would mean I don't have a lot of time until I become leader! Harestar has only 2 lives left and last leaf-bare she lost one to greencough! Will she lose another this upcoming leaf-bare as well?! Waterheart thought deeply to himself.
       Movement to his right made him glance towards it. There he saw a silver tabby she-cat sit down outside the nursery den, its swollen belly showing the presence of kits soon to be kitted. Silverrain! he thought as he recognized his own mate. He ran over to her side before he stopped and stood beside her. "How are you feeling, love?" he asked her in mews as he nosed her cheek, purring loudly. The tabby queen smiled and purred back. "Just fine, hun." Silverrain purred in response. Since he had found out she was expecting his kits, Waterheart had checked on her every couple of days or so, never stopped worrying about her health. "I can't wait to see our kits, I'd be the proudest father in the whole Clan when they come here." Waterheart mewed lovingly.

Chapter One: 2 Days Later....

        Waterheart had woke up early that day. He didn't exactly know what woke him, but he had an uneasy feeling something was going on. He stood up from his nest, stretching quietly in order to not wake warriors resting close to him. He was about to exit the warrior's den to perhaps do a little hunting alone when his ears twitched as loud yowling came from somewhere in the clearing. His eyes widened as he realized whoever was making them was in a lot of pain judging by how loud the yowls were. His curiosity and his concern for whoever was making them made him pad out of the den. It was still very dark and the sun hadn't risen in the horizon yet. He listened closely, trying to get a pin on the cat's location. He then found it, and a faint fear-scent quickly surrounded his pelt. The nursery! It's coming from the nursery! he thought in his head before seeing a smaller black figure come out of the medicine den and head for the nursery.
         It was Sootpaw, the medicine cat apprentice. He quickly ran over to them, eyes wide. "Sootpaw! What's going on?!" he asked the tom, concern evident in his voice. The younger tom turned towards him. "Silverrain......she's kitting." he answered him, his voice muffled by the herbs he held in his maw. Waterheart felt a shiver go down his spine. "Can I come in and help?! Please!" he begged the medicine cat apprentice. The thick-furred black tom was about to answer but he cut off short as the yowling from inside stopped. Sootpaw quickly, without acknowledging the deputy's pleas, entered the nursery, carrying the herbs inside with him. Waterheart nervously followed after him.
         He soon came at the entrance to the large chamber. It was dark, but soon his eyes adjusted. Once his eyes adjusted, he could make out four figures in the far corner of the nursery den. One figure was lying on the ground. The other 3 were standing beside it in a semicircle. He quickly recognized the she-cat laying on her side. Silverrain! he thought to himself. He quickly padded over to them, eyes wide. As he reached them, the brown and black speckled she-cat Nettleleaf looked at him. Waterheart's fur bristled before it laid flat again as he saw two small bodies at Snowshine's paws. Kits! "Thank StarClan she's alright!" Waterheart exclaimed.
           Nettleleaf turned towards him and shushed him. She then explained, green eyes glowing in the darkness. "Silverrain is exhausted, she needs to rest. Go! Leave her be until morning! I might keep watch of her overnight to make sure the kits are able to nurse." she explained to him in a whisper. Silverrain sighed deeply before she barely lifted her head. "How many?" she asked, even her voice told them she was exhausted. Waterheart pressed his nose to her cheek, purring. "Two." he answered softly. The silver tabby queen closed her eyes. "We'll have to think up names for them.......but we'll wait 'til tomorrow to name them." she purred before laying her head down.
           Waterheart raised his head as Sootpaw told him to back up. He watched in admiration as Nettleleaf gently set one of the kits by Silverrain's belly to suckle. Snowshine gently picked up the second kit and set it beside the queen's belly as well. "Silverrain is fine and the kits are healthy. Nettleleaf, Sootpaw, Waterheart.....lets all leave her to rest. You'll be able to see what they look like tomorrow." he meowed softly, his raspy voice ripe with age. Waterheart and the 3 others left the den as quietly as they could. The deputy entered the warrior's den before accidentally waking up one of the other warriors. It was Dovewing, Cloudleap's sister, who he has woken up. She lifted her head and looked at him.
            "How long have you been up?" she asked him, stifling out a wide yawn. Waterheart smiled. "Long enough......sorry I woke you." he apologized quietly. Dovewing yawned widely again before nodding her head in acknowledgement, the she-cat warrior then laid her head back down, closing her eyes. Waterheart sighed and made it over to his nest. He laid down and tried his best to fall back asleep. But even with the darkness surrounding him, he couldn't get back to sleep. Dawn approached and the sun rose before he even knew it. He sighed deeply before he padded outside.
            He wasn't sure how long he was sitting in the camp clearing, but he knew everyone else was waking up when movement came from some of the dens. Rustling from the leader's den told him Harestar had woken up. She came and padded over to him, she looked wide awake. "Trouble?" she asked him, his nervousness hadn't gone unnoticed by herself. Waterheart nodded slightly. "Silverrain kitted last night." he explained. Her whiskers twitched with amusement. "That isn't trouble at all! That's good news!" she responded. Waterheart sighed deeply. Now is the right time to ask, while no-one else is around! he thought.
           "Harestar?" Waterheart mewed before pausing, clearing his throat to fix his voice. The she-cat leader looked him in the eyes. "Yes, Waterheart? What is it?" she asked him softly. The gray tabby tom looked at the ground. "I heard from Otterfur you lost 2 lives when you had kits........w-wouldn't th-that mean you have only 2 lives left now?" he asked her, laying his ears down. Harestar's amber eyes widened at his question before she looked away, amber eyes flickering like candlelight. "Yes." she finally answered him after several seconds. Waterheart's mouth gaped open as he recognized her tone. She sounded sad when she answered me, he thought to himself.
           Waterheart closed his eyes and laid his ears back and down. "I'm sorry........I shouldn't have asked that." he mewed, lower tone than usual, as he apologized. Harestar stayed silent for several seconds before she sat down next to him. "That's aren't the first one to ask me that........Otterfur was." she mewed sadly in response. He opened his eyes as he heard her move and watched as she stalked away and headed towards her den. He flinched as he heard some-cat sobbing loudly come from somewhere in camp. The noise made Harestar stop in her tracks and look off towards the elder's den. Waterheart looked at her. "I'll check it out." he gently suggested.
           His words made her whiskers twitch with unease, but she turned away and went into her den without muttering a word. The gray tabby deputy then quickly padded towards the elder's den. Inside, he could see Nettleleaf. The sun was partially above the horizon now, and the light from it helped him to see who the cats were Nettleleaf was standing near. He saw 3 white cats near her, one laying on the ground. He took 3 steps towards them, making no sound whatsoever, as he attempted to get a better look.
           He recognized the 2 white cats standing next to Nettleleaf as Cloudleap and Dovewing. His green eyes widened extremely as he heard the she-cat's words. "Mom, please don't go! We don't want you to die!" Dovewing mewed tearfully. Mom?! Oh no........Pearlpelt's dying?! Waterheart shockingly thought to himself. He knew Pearpelt was her and Cloudleap's mother, so if the she-cat elder died now, both Dovewing and Cloudleap would be grieving her for moons! He continued to listen to them. He gasped loudly in shock as he saw the elder sigh out her last breath, her tail's end twitching before she fell limp.
          "NO! Mom!! WAKE UP!!" Cloudleap's loud yowls of pain brought tears to his eyes. The identical siblings huddled against their mother's lifeless body, both sobbing very hard. Nettleleaf's eyes, he noticed, were watering like his own, but she fought hard and managed to refrain from crying. "I'm sorry......both of you...............I couldn't save her." Nettleleaf muttered lowly. The 2 siblings flicked their ears, telling her that they heard, but still remained sobbing, not as loud as before though. Nettleleaf's ears were lowered before she turned around, gasping in surprise as she spotted Waterheart.
          The gray tabby deputy sighed deeply, closing his eyes. She noticed his ears, head, and tail lowered, clearly grieving for the departed elder as well. "Waterheart......were you here the whole time?" Nettleleaf asked him, sensing his oncoming tears. Waterheart nodded without a word before he turned away, green eyes dull with his sorrow for Pearlpelt and the fellow warriors now without a mother. He then remembered Silverrain. Her kitting early in the dawn was good news, but he knew it wouldn't take his mind off Pearlpelt. He was, after all, her friend. He had known her since he was a kit.
          He turned away and headed across the clearing towards the nursery. He paused in his steps as a very pale ginger tabby cat exited the nursery den, catching him off-guard. It was Mistfur, the only other queen currently having kits. Her kits were 4 moons older than his own 2 kits, and he knew he would be happy to mentor one of them if he had the chance to. Currently he had an apprentice, whose warrior ceremony might be coming soon. He smiled as he saw Mistfur's 3 kits tumbling after her. One was a brown tabby, another brown and white, and another looked mostly like her mother.
          He chuckled softly as the 2 brown kits played together. The brown and white one had been pinned down by the other one. "Get off of me, Birchkit!" he shouted. "Birchkit, get off of your brother!" Mistfur said before she spotted the gray tabby deputy. "Morning Waterheart! Coming to check on Silverrain, I presume?" she asked him. Waterheart nodded. "It's good to see Birchkit, Minkkit, and Tigerkit might make good warriors some day." Waterheart mewed. Mistfur purred softly as she nodded. He carefully stepped over Tigerkit, who was sitting in his way, before entering the nursery.
           The scent of milk and the sound of kits softly mewling told him where his mate was. He came over to her and nuzzled her cheek, purring loudly. "How are you feeling? Are you still tired from this morning?" he asked her lovingly. Silverrain licked his nose and purred even louder. "No...not at all. Our kits aren't tired at all either." she said, looking down lovingly at them. The kits both had tabby coats. The tom was a silvery tabby, but the she-kit had a dark gray tabby pelt, with stripes that were faint at first glance. "Do they have names yet?" Waterheart asked her.
           The silver tabby queen nodded. "The tom is Wolfkit and the she-kit is Shadowkit." she answered him. He glanced down at each kit, pride and joy sparkled in his eyes. Waterheart smiled cheerfully. His two kits were making soft mewling sounds and it made him purr loudly, his green eyes twinkling with joy. "I'm gonna be out hunting for a while. Stay inside of camp. Do you want me to bring you some fresh-kill once I come back?" he asked her. Silverrain's eyes dropped but they then fluttered open and she nodded. Waterheart licked her nose lovingly before he slowly padded out of the nursery den. He chuckled as he spotted Birchkit and Minkkit tussling in the grass while Tigerkit was sitting down next to her mother. Tigerkit's not at all like her parents! he thought in his mind and chuckled.
         Waterheart stalked out of camp after he announced all the patrols to go on that day. Instead of taking his usual route that took him to Shady Sycamore, he turned eastward and headed towards the sun, which led him to the Abandoned Barn. After finding a mouse nest and taking care of the baby mice and their parents, he was about to head outside to burry the fresh-kill to collect on the way back to camp when his ears pricked. Brush that surrounded the barn had started rustling and he scented a cat not of any Clan very close by. He gazed out of the hole in the barn's wall before he spotted a very familiar white coat with faint gray splotches. Spots? he asked himself in thought. Spots was one of his two brothers who lived near Two-legplace on the others side of the valley near Whisperclan territory.
         He gasped quietly as he spotted 2 objects in the tom's maw. Are those..........kits?! he wondered in thought. "S-s-Spots? Is that you?" Waterheart mewed in confusion. The white and gray splotched tom stopped and gazed at Waterheart with his amber eyes. "Waterheart! Thank StarClan you're the first Mistclan cat we encounter!" the tom exclaimed, Waterheart sighed deeply in relief as he recognized his brother. The gray tabby warrior slowly approached him. "What are you doing with 2 kits on MistClan territory?" Waterheart asked him. Spots gently set down the 2 kits that were barely 2 days old before he stared Waterheart in the eyes. "Meet your niece and nephew, brother." Spots mewed softly.
        "You still haven't answered my question. What are you doing here with them?" he asked again. At this, he noticed his brother's tail and ears lower sadly. "My mate, Pixie, died kitting them. They need a mother's care, so I brought them here hoping you know someone who can care for them." he muttered sadly. Waterheart's tail lowered and his eyes grew watery as he thought of the kits' mother. "My mate Silverrain kitted last night, but I doubt she'd be able to give milk to 4 kits at once! Have you tried Cometstripe?" Waterheart asked him, referring to his other brother who lived in MoonClan. Spots' ears lifted and a smile appeared on his face. "That would work, but which one of my children will Silverrain take in?" he asked, glancing down at the tiny kits at his paws.
       Waterheart slowly approached and gazed down at the two kits. Both of them were white with gray splotched like their father. He could tell one was a she-kit and the other was a tom. "I'll take the tom. I would come with you to see Cometstripe, but I'm the MistClan deputy, a patrol would definitely know what Clan I'm from." Waterheart mewed softly before he bent down to pick the tom kit up. Before he could, Spots had blocked his action using his one fore-paw. "Waterheart, can you do me a favor?" he asked his brother, acting quite nervous, in which Waterheart nodded. "When he's able to understand what you say and when he's old enough......don't tell him I'm his father." Spots mewed.
        The gray tabby tom's eyes widened and his jaw dropped. "What?!" Waterheart asked breathlessly in disbelief. "I want you to lie to him and tell him you and Silverrain are his parents. If he knew he was born from a rouge and a kitty-pet he wouldn't want to be a loyal Clan cat! You are still his kin, but I feel if he knew his father was a kitty-pet, he'd feel ashamed to call me father." he explained, lowering his ears. He bent down and picked up the she-kit. "Please Waterheart, lie to him. I'll be telling Cometstripe the same thing." he mewed before he began to stalk away towards MoonClan territory.
        Waterheart sighed deeply before he bent down and gently picked up the tiny tom in his maw. I understand you want him not to know, but even the whole Clan can't keep that kind of secret! Harestar's bound to know me and Silverrain aren't his real parents! he thought nervously. Roughly 12 minutes later he entered camp and immediately was spotted by Harestar, who was sitting outside her den. She padded over to him. "Waterheart? Why do you have a kit in your mouth?" she asked him, eyes questioning him. "I found him near the abandoned barn." Waterheart cleverly lied. Harestar lifted a brow but didn't ask questions. "Let me take him to Silverrain." she mewed softly. Waterheart hesitantly allowed her. The brown white-tailed bob-tailed leader then gently picked the tom kit up and padded into the nursery.
        After entering the nursery, Harestar slowly walked over to Silverrain. The silver tabby queen gasped and lifted her head. "Silverrain, Waterheart found him near the abandoned barn. He needs milk, will you be willing to take in another kit?" she asked her, ears twitching. Silverrain gazed at the tiny tom hanging limply from her leader's maw. Her icy-blue eyes twinkled in joy before she nodded. "Of course, shall you name him or shall I?" Silverrain asked her. Harestar mouthed the word "you" before she stalked out of the nursery. After she was sure Harestar was out of earshot, Silverrain nuzzled the kit to her belly. "Moonkit." she mewed softly, licking his soft, short fur.
       As Harestar was about to enter her den, Waterheart padded over to her. "Harestar, I need to talk to you, it's important." he meowed, sounding very urgent. Harestar's whiskers twitched with unease before she dipped her head. "Come in, then." Harestar mewed softly before the bob-tailed she-cat stalked into her den. Waterheart followed closely behind, glancing around nervously to see if anyone else had seen, before entering her den shortly behind her. Her den was large enough for more than one cat which unsettled him and the den's entrance was curtains with mossy carpets that swayed in the wind. Upon reaching her nest, the leader turned to face him before sitting down. "What do you need to talk to me about?" she asked him.
       "I lied to you," the gray tabby deputy paused with a long sigh, "I didn't find him there all alone. My brother Spots, he's a rouge. He came there and brought 2 kits with him. He told me their mother had died and he didn't know any cat who could care for them. So he asked me if I did. I told him Silverrain kitted last night and I offered her taking care of them. But since I thought she wouldn't be willing to feed for 4 kits at a time, I only took my nephew." he said, pausing in his explanation to give her time to catch up. Harestar's eyes flickered with slight anger, but she didn't show any other signs of aggression. "Is there anything else you want to tell me regarding your nephew?" she asked him after several seconds of silence.
        Waterheart nodded. "My brother asked me not to tell him who his real father is. He thinks that if he knew his father was a kitty-pet it would make him not want to be a loyal member of MistClan. He also thought that he'd be judged if his Clan-mates knew the truth. So he demanded I lie and tell him me and Silverrain are his real parents. Please, could you tell Snowshine, Nettleleaf, and Sootflight about this? They were there when she kitted and they know she only kitted 2 kits. Please, I beg you! I want him to fit in like any Clan-born cat!" he finished. Harestar's ears went back and her eyes narrow slits, and for a second Waterheart thought he had made her angry.
        "It is unlike me to lie about a fellow Clan-mate of mine, but if you insist upon this, then I guess I have no choice." Harestar mewed, but she then interrupted him when he smiled. "But-" she cut in, making Waterheart's tail twitch nervously, "if you know what's best for him, you will eventually tell him the truth.........keeping a lie that big can bring harm to a cat's mind, if you keep the lie for so long eventually it's uncovered when you least expect it. I want you to tell him eventually, either when he's a warrior or an apprentice. He needs to know the truth that way he can learn to forgive you for lying to his face." she finished before standing up. "I will let the medicine cats know about this, but heed my warning, Waterheart. Lying may be something you'd regret doing to him later on." she then quickly padded out of her den.
          Waterheart nodded in understanding to her words. He had already planned on doing that, and he did heed his leader's words. Harestar was very wise, he didn't think he knew anybody wiser except for Thistletwist, the only living kin of the leader of MistClan before her, Twilightstar. He followed after her swiftly, but he didn't catch her entering the medicine den. He frowned, but then went to go check on Silverrain. He slowly walked into the nursery and nuzzled her cheek with his nose, purring loudly. "I named him Moonkit." she told him.

Chapter Two: 3 moons later!

        "Watch out, Moonkit!" Silverrain's voice rang out as she watched her adoptive son almost run into one of the warriors she recognized as Pinesplotch. Moonkit was too late to stop. He bumped, head-first into the back of her hind leg and landed onto his stomach, fur heated up in embarrassment. Pinesplotch flinched and gasped as she felt the impact before the brown white splotched she-cat turned around to face him. "Hey there, Moonkit. Are you okay?" she asked him, amber eyes gleaming with concern. Silverrain soon bounded up to him. "Sorry about that Pinesplotch, he didn't mean to bump into you." Moonkit's adoptive mother apologized for him.
          Pinesplotch chuckled. "That's okay, you can't keep kits in the nursery walls forever." the she-cat replied before sitting down and turning to face Moonkit. "Are you excited about when you become an apprentice?" she asked him. Moonkit blushed deeply before shyly nodding his head. She was about to say something else when she cut off as she spotted Harestar leap onto High Rock. "All cats old enough to catch their own prey, gather under High Rock for a Clan meeting!" Harestar yowled loudly. Moonkit gasped as Wolfkit and Shadowkit bounded to his side. Silverrain spotted Tigerkit, Birchkit, and Minkkit, 3 older kits sitting below High Rock and she knew they were receiving their apprentice names today.
          Silverrain nudged all 3 of her kits in the direction of the nursery. "You 3 get inside, this meeting's not for you." she mewed softly before she retreated inside the nursery den with all 3 of them. While inside, the 3 kits listened with excitement, for they'd never seen this happen before. "What's going on out there?" Shadowkit asked. Wolfkit shushed her with an angry glare, and Moonkit remained silent. "Birchkit, Minkkit, Tigerkit, please step forward." Harestar paused and waited for them to do so before continuing. "From this day forward, until he has earned his warrior name, this apprentice will be called Birchpaw. Nightflower, you show great skills in hunting and fighting and did fine mentoring Dovewing. May you pass down all you know to your apprentice." Harestar mewed. Once Nightflower and Birchpaw had done the traditional actions she turned back towards Birchpaw's siblings.
         "From this day forward, until she has earned her warrior name, this apprentice will be called Tigerpaw. Offerfur, you are a strong and brave warrior and you mentored Silverrain with great skill. May you pass down your skills and courage to your apprentice." Harestar continued, flicking her tail. "And finally, until he has earned his warrior name, this apprentice will be called Minkpaw. Dovewing, you are very patient and kind and have shown hunting skills beyond those of your littermates. May you pass down your skill to your first apprentice." the bob-tailed she-cat finished. When all newly-made apprentices had sat down beside their mentors, the MistClan leader waited for her Clan-mates to raise their voices. "Birchpaw! Minkpaw! Tigerpaw!" the Clan cats cheered, Mistfur, the 3 new apprentices' mother sat outside the nursery, her blue eyes sparkling with deep pride.
          Harestar finally hopped down off of High Rock, ending the Clan meeting with it. Most of the warriors gathered either walked over to Waterheart as he called out their names or those still having apprentices signalled for their apprentices to come train. Harestar stopped stalking towards the fresh-kill pile as Dovewing walked over to her. "Harestar?" the white she-cat mewed nervously. Harestar glanced towards the white warrior, her amber eyes flickering. "Yes Dovewing?" she asked in a soft mew. "Why did you give me an apprentice? I would've been fine if you would've given Minkpaw to someone else." she mewed softly, her gaze flickering like candlelight.
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