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Last Goodnight Glossary (WIP)

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Last Goodnight Glossary (WIP)

Post by Artemis on Tue Jun 07, 2016 9:45 pm

This is for an up coming story so I don't suddenly receive comments like what does this mean and such. 

Constell- Name of Vale's sword. It is told to absorb the power of the stars/ heavens.

Dexin- Strongest material known to the people of Xoumitu. Very rare and often found in the stomachs of rare animals.

Heon- An element found in rocky areas. Very rare though. Tougher than diamond and must be mined gently.

Jecorinomik- Once a great defensive clan of Xoumitu. They were defeated by the Zenori's and driven to extinction. Only the descendants of the warriors remain but are now hostages or slaves.

Knight- Any warrior given this title is said to be very powerful and specially trained to a certain task. All knights are represented through a symbol burned into their skin

Laconian- Title for the people of the Lacora. (now extinct)

Lacora- A fleet well-known for it's usage of bones, ores, magic, powerful weapons, and mining. It is located to the north-east of Xoumitu. The camp is surrounded by jagged rocks and heavily dense Fuze Trees.

Lefa- Zoursoun version of vampires.

Mana- substance that flows through a mages veins which provides their magical ability.

Nercer- A horse like animal with the pelt of a horse, sails like a dinosaurs replacing its mane, extra bones on the outline of the ribs (external), reptilian eyes, and unicorn tail.

Saber-lion and saber-tooth hybrid. The animal grows to be almost five feet tall.

Saromi- A creature with feathered wings, deer-like appearance, scales down its legs, three thin tails, and a fluffy mane. Their bones and difficult to break which makes them great for making weapons.

Sego Clan- A clan of animal like humans running from human like cats with ears and whiskers to a human with bird like features such as wings and feathered arms.

Sekor- Basically a vulture but with a larger wing-span and colorful parrot feathers. The bones are sturdy but very thin. Mainly used for support on guns and multiple types of blades.

Xiomitu-The only continent in Zoursoun (like Earths Pangea.) though there are chains of islands here and there.

Zeroni- The most powerful fleet in all of Zoursoun. Known well for their great leaders, sturdy armor, and excellent battle strategies. Camps are set all over the eastern part of Xoumitu taking part in multiple tasks. They mainly fight on the backs of animals trained for war.

Zoursoun- The home planet to multiple tribes/clans of powerful warriors. Has teal grass, pink leaves, very light cornflower grey tree trunks, blueish grey shrubbery, multiple colored flowers, strange animals/plants, two purple moons, two thin rings (like Saturn), fourteen near by planets, fifth from the sun, and is about as big as Venus.


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