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The Black Market

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The Black Market

Post by Zero on Mon Jun 13, 2016 8:22 am

Shh. Be quiet, will you?

These items are special items and are far more expensive than the regular trade. This be shady business! You little troublemaker you.. The blackmarket rotates items every day, so there are constantly new items to choose from.

Energy weapons can only be bought through the blackmarket and are not publicly or legally available.

Diamond Infused Armor
This armor is highly durable, able to completely shield you from lower caliber guns and take a generous beating from higher caliber ones. This does not shield you from energy weapons, however.

Helmet- 36,500A
Chestpiece- 60,000A
Arms- 20,500A
Legs- 30,000A

Standard Energy Rifle - Scoped (x15) - Suppressed - 10,100A
Standard including scope (x15) and suppressor.

Heavy Shot Energy Rifle - Holo Sighted - 30,050A
Larger radius of impact including holo sight.

Cloaking Module - 50,000A
Allows you to- at will- become completely invisible. There is no time limit. You can, however, be discovered by heat-vision HUDS and goggles.

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