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General Store

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General Store

Post by Desmeon on Mon Jun 13, 2016 2:07 pm

Welcome to the General Store! This is the topic that holds all your shopping needs!

Members may purchase addons/items with the implemented currency/point system, also known as Auli. Note that what you buy here can impact your account, the characters you own, or even part of the forum.

When buying something, please create another topic. If you have a suggestion for the shop, then you may include it in your purchase topic or PM an administrator or moderator.

Amount of Auli | Item you can buy
₳5             ♦ New emoticon - Add an emote (this is usually free).
₳50Revive a fallen character in a roleplay
♦ Homepage cover - Not actually a cover, but you can link or have something written on the top, front and center page of the forum.
₳150Name Change - Get yourself a new name! Now for only  ₳99.97 + tax. You can only buy this once every two Earthen months.
₳300Faction Change - Drop from the faction you are currently in and join another.
₳500♦Reduce Warning Level - Lower the amount of strikes you have.
₳800Bi-Colored Name - Get your own coloured name in two different colours! Supply the two codes for the specific colour.
♦ Special Rank - You can have whatever unique, special title you want for your character. It will be included right under your profile picture.
₳900Icon - Have an icon beside your name, of your choice. But you must provide a transparent, 16x16 pic.
♦ Gif - Have a gif always moving behind your name. You must supply the gif, and make sure it is transparent.
₳1000Edit Bio - Once your current bio has been approved, it is locked. So this option gives you the right to edit it once more! Except only for a limited time. The amount of time can be debated.
♦Point Shop - Own your own point shop! You could sell whatever you'd like in it, such as art or weapons.
₳100,000Create your very own faction! Contact/PM Desmeon for this one.



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