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Last Goodnight (WIP)

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Last Goodnight (WIP)

Post by Artemis on Fri Jun 24, 2016 9:27 pm

Chapter One

The sky was covered with dense grey clouds. Small patches of black with white twinkling flakes were littered in the clouds. Everything was in complete utter silence as I stood in the darkened blue fields. Words of regret wanted to spill from my mouth in screams and wails, but only small whimpers spill from my mouth, followed by constant streams of tears and regrets. A cry of victory sounded through the valley hills. They won the war hours ago, why are they letting out a roar of victory right now?  I began beating on my head with my fists, trying to pull myself together.

When I thought my thoughts couldn’t be even more terrorizing than before, they had to come- the bleating sound of boots against the crust of  Zorusoun followed by the clanking of metal armor. My mind was sent into an immediate frenzy. They sounded to be only 20 feet away, but at the pace they were going I had no chance of fleeing with my current condition. The wound on my left leg stung too much to even stand on it, but I had to at least try and flee. The heavy bag strapped on my back didn't help at all either. I don’t want to be known as the Lacora Knight who willingly gave into the Kilyic Clan. With what little adrenaline I had left I began lightly jogging away, placing most on my weight on my right leg creating an awkward way of running.

I looked over my shoulder. Glints of the silver armor shined through the lightly packed blue vegetation. I stopped and quickly disposed of the heavy artillery bag slowing me, without grabbing my crystallized Heon Element sword and two Heon bladed Saromi Guns. These weapons were the lightest in the bunch but very sturdy. Strapping the guns onto my back and grasping the sword tightly, I began my weak attempt in running. I didn't care if they received those weapons. They were mainly made from the bones of a Sekor- sturdy but don’t last too long unlike Saromi bones and Heon. With a simple glance back they were all at a hault. The silver armor reflected the purple rays of the two moons generating a small hue of lavender to shine onto the blue grass. Their movements were frozen. I stopped and stared at them for a bit, wondering as to why their muscles seemed to be encased in a tranquilizing ice. My question was answered by the bleating sound of hooves in high speed. Realization hit me. I have now gotten myself into the center of a war- a war between the Kilyic Clan and the forever feared, Zenori’s.

The Zenori’s were a fleet of powerful conquerors that claim whatever land they set foot on. So far they have only claimed the western part of Zorusoun’s only continent, Xoumitu. Only the Jecorinomik Tribe was able to keep them from claiming the central half and beyond. But now with the defeat of the Jecorinomik they have the capability to move forth, destroy any organizations of any kind that get in their way, and claim all of Xoumitu for their own.

Here I am, caught in the near-center of a battlefield. The only outcome I can think of is death at this point. I spun around and immediately stopped. My amber orbs were met with blazing reptilian eyes. Never have I seen a Nercer up this close before. Its hot breath blasted onto my cheeks, the black pelt shined like it was freshly polished, the sails along its head, muzzle, and tail light up in the light, and the Dexin armor it was armed with would generated blinding rays at the slightest movement of its muscles. It seemed like it was a mythical creature at this time. The Nercer let out and final snort and began backing up. I was snapped into reality when the rider stepped off. I quickly drew out my sword, Constell, and swung at the man. He raised his arm. My blade cut into the black Dexin. With what few centimeters it cut into it became stuck. With the sudden shock I didn’t even noticed the fist come flying at me. The force of the punch sent me back. Constell was no longer in my grasp.  The pain of the force and Dexin was excruciating.

I withered in pain. Damn that armor must be enchanted with dark magic. No wonder it lost its purple hue.  The skin on the side on my face began to burn and fizz. I no longer could hold be my screams of terror and pain. Hot tears began to roll down my cheeks and drip into the crust of Xoumitu.

I watched the black Dexin man through blurs. My sword was still lodged into the armor. He grabbed the handle of the sword and began to wiggle it around. The scretching of the blade against the armor made the Nercers around his panic and take multiple steps back, running into their comrades. No he’s going to take Constell!

“Don’t you dare!” I shouted and lightning released from the sword and electrocuted the man. He let out a grunt of pain but continued his attempts. The sword repeatedly shocked him. N-no way Constell is using my mana even if I not touching it.  I could feel myself getting weaker. My eyes began to blur. The perimeter of my sight began it fade into black.

“Claire, take her to the cart. Take this sword with you.”

“Yes sire but I don’t wish to be electrocuted like you have.”

“Then wrap it in your scaled cape. It’ll block all of its magical energy.”

“Aren’t you afraid she’ll retaliate?”

“Tsk. She wouldn’t dare. Now hurry up. This intrusion is making the battle go to late hours. We have a tight schedule you know?”

“Yes sire.”

My vision became black. Losing that one sense caused all of mine to advance for only a few seconds. I could hear footsteps approaching me, I could feel the crust vibrate, I could even smell my own flesh burn from the enchantments.

“Oh and be sure to heal that half of her face before an ugly scar forms and ruins her complexion.”

“As always you compliment a girl when she’s knocked out. But using those flirts probably won’t make her join us.”

“She’s the last Laconian. If she doesn’t want to be sold then she’ll have no choice but to join us.” He laughed. “Now then… CHARGE!”

I felt my body being lifted off the floor before going unconscious.

Chapter Two(Coming soon)

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