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The Staff Team

The Staff

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The Staff

Post by Desmeon on Sun Jul 03, 2016 3:23 am

This topic is to inform members of the Staff and their capabilities.
If a member has any questions, comments, or concerns, please PM Desmeon.

Notice: If a staff member is inactive for 4 weeks straight without notifying an Administrator, their position as staff may be removed. However, a fair warning will be given after 2 weeks and 3 days before the 4 weeks are up. If they have not signed in before the 4th week ends, they may lose their staff position.

If the staff member expects to be gone from the site for a prolonged time, they must notify an Administrator and give them a specified or estimated date.
Inactivity can be defined by lack of posting or infrequent logins to the site. If a staff member fails to complete their assigned tasks below, it may also be considered inactivity if grouped with the previous stated definitions of inactivity.

Though, if the site has come to the point of all around inactivity, thus making it difficult to post or complete staff duties, then they are semi-excused for however long the site is inactive for. But they shouldn't feel as though they are completely excused from their duty as a moderator. They must try to bring life back into the site as well.
Warnings will still be sent if the moderator has not logged in within the last 2 weeks.

The Staff are the ones taking care of the site and it's well being. Please be respectful of them as they will with you!

Administrators are the building blocks and the highest authorities for a forum. They share countless responsibilities that may regard site design, rule reinforcement, keeping the site in a tidy order, and many other things regarding site appearance and changes to the sites coding. They dedicate themselves fully into their job and are required to be very active. If they show inactivity, it can be shown as poor job performance. They shall treat all members equally but become strict when the time calls for it. Admins will take full responsibility in any mistakes they make and shall go to great lengths to fix them. No matter the circumstance, they are not permitted to abuse their power.

The Owner
The Founder of the site, or Owner, has full control over the admin panel and forum. They have the liability to oversee the whole forum, being able to include their input on practically everything, although with the utmost of consideration. They must be respectful to members, as members with them.

The Admin
An administrator administrates the forum, having access to the admin panel, and being able to make changes that impact the whole site. However, they do need permission from the Owner to create any drastic changes. They usually help out with the smaller things, such as creating and giving the appropriate ranks to members, or monitoring the users and groups.

An individual who aids the administrators, who only has limited duties that they perform, and can moderate a variety of subjects. They take responsibility if they do something wrong but also correct others that too are at fault. They treat everyone evenly with respect and are committed to aiding forums in whichever way they're permitted to. They are often required to be very active in order to show that they will dedicate themselves to their job. Moderators are to keep each other in check, and shall not abuse their powers.

All moderators do have access to the trash forum, or what is called Oblivion. They make sure there is no spam or outdated topics in any of the forums.

Directive Mod
These moderators monitor the Directive section. They can change, add to, or improve the lore of the site and the forum rules. They moderate any suggested improvement topic, and may create important announcements. They are also in charge of creating important Aurlian events by using the site calendar.

Genesis Mod
Also known as the Character Mod, Help Mod and Store mod. They have full capability in the "Genesis" section of the forum. They decide whether a character meets the written requirements in the character creation. They also take care of the Emporium, registering who purchases what, and adding their creativity to what can be bought. Their last job is to moderate the Help Section. Other members may also help other users, as the Genesis mod may only respond to what they know.

Roleplay Mod
Roleplay Moderators take care of or monitor all the roleplay topics. They are to move old, unused topics or delete spam. These mods make sure to correct or deal with arguments of opposing sides within roleplays, being sure that things remain peaceful and in order. They also have the ability to help create Official Roleplays alongside the Owner.

Everland Mod
Mostly known as the Fun Mod, they keep the stories & artwork, games, and the general chat in check. They also moderate the advertisements/affiliates section, having the ability to accept affiliates, and to ensure inappropriate content is deleted immediately. These mods are encouraged to create topics that will bring more fun and joy to the whole site! ^^

These mods can have various roles ranging from Event Mod to Advert Mod. They usually have a small part in helping their higher ups depending who they're assigned to. They don't have to be as active as regular Moderators, but it is preferred they keep a close eye on the site when a Moderator is taking time off. Their boss/employer is their corresponding moderator.
*Note: These moderators won't have their own group in the legend as it is not necessary. They'll only get a small little rank under their username that signifies who they are. Also, a mod here is considered employed and will receive Auli based on their activity. These mods, however, will be hired and fired more often than one would expect. Consider this a trial mod position.

Event/News Mod
A singular sub-mod that aids the Directive Mod with one section of the forum. They help with creating Aurlian News and Site Events. This is probably one of the best positions in Dessy's opinion. This mod could create a news broadcast as if they were an anchorman! But, this does require an insane amount of activity. Always stay to date, have to be in the know, be creative with the things you post, such as creating interviews.

Market Mod
A singular mod that helps with the Emporium only. Their job is exactly that of the regular mod's job. The vendors here sure make a lotta cash.

Mini-RP Mod
They have the mission to moderate almost any roleplay forum that the Roleplay Mod needs aiding in. These people are website employed, they get Auli for it.

Advert Mod
A singular sub-moderator that helps deal with the advertisements and affiliate section. They are like the bosses of salespersons, of which they get paid for of course.


Current staff of RoA

Desmeon [Owner]
None [Everland Mod]
None[Genesis Mod]



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