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Aurlia Information

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Aurlia Information

Post by Desmeon on Wed May 04, 2016 5:58 pm

Notice: All information on this website was brought to you by the creative minds of its members. Any info on here that relates to outside work is completely coincidental.

This topic shall be edited frequently while as a whole site, we'll be discovering more, new, unique qualities that Aurlia has in store for us. Be on the look out for hidden lore among posts of various members.
If you'd like to participate in building up the history for Aurlia, feel free to contact Desmeon.


Aurlia is a small planet quite similar to that of Earth, but of course, with its many differences. It has a faint light purple-blue ring around the planet, and two moons: Kismet & Slai. The sky is a soft light blue with a slight tint of a lavender purple. The oceans are of a crystal, deep blue color, reflecting the sky beautifully. The planet's star, Eko, is a small star distanced quite a ways from Aurlia, yet it's rays are still finely seen as a bright, ice blue with tinges of light yellow. Only a few other planets are known within the Cloud-Comet Solar System.

A year in Aurlia is equalled to 8 months or 320 days, with 5 weeks in a month of 40 days, and 8 days in a week.
The months are as follows:

Aecus (Month of Fire) - During the month's nights, there are hundreds of streaks in the sky from shooting stars. It is the hottest month of the year, and has a visual tint of orange in the sky at day. Droughts occur most in this month.
Taran (Month of Earth) - Unusual & unique flowers bloom only in this month. The terrain is easier to plant crops, though aurquakes (earthquakes) are more frequent.
Zehli (Month of Shadow) - The planet is covered in thicker fog & mist than usual. Daylight is more scarce this month, with many countries experiencing solar eclipses.
Crozaire (Month of Light) - The complete opposite of Zehli, darkness is more scarce. Eko's rays are brightest this month, but not necessarily hotter.
Arehio (Month of Air) - Windiest month of the year. Tornadoes occur more often which may combine with the weather of the next month. There are some cases of clouds that are very, very low to the ground or maybe even none at all.
Kryris (Month of Water) - Water in general is abundant. Though, there may be many floods or tsunamis, and cyclones & hurricanes if combined from the Month of Air.
Sriune (Month of Space) - Aurlia's gravitational pull is slightly released in this month. Creatures can jump higher than usual but not by much; only very light things can float midair.
Illenne (Month of Time) - Time in this month may feel like it is longer or shorter, everyday it is randomized. Some people are immune to the feeling, while most are not. Though, there are days when Eko is out longer than usual or Kismet and Slai can be seen clearly as it remains dark, even far into the mornings.

And the days of the week:


Time is situated within a 24 hour period.

There are five continents, all of which hold their own many countries, states and provinces.
Aitrika is the Northern most of the five, also being the Polar Continent.
Krion is located in the West, called the Mild Continent.
Etone is the Continental Continent, located in the East.
Zeyrix is within the South Western part of Aurlia, nicknamed the Tropical Continent.
Lustrus, the Dry Continent, is found in the South Eastern hemisphere.
Oceans and seas separate each Continent, although, it is hardly a problem thanks to the most advanced railroads and airways.

Aurlia is inhabited with a vast variety of creatures, many being fantasy-like alongside with its typical human race. There are only a few creatures/animals that have been known to carry shreds of magic within them. The Humans, of which we all are, have an awe-inspiring dedication towards technology and the environment. Technologies such as partial cybernetics (rare), robotics, artificial intelligence's, atomic powered tech, and more to come. Disease, sickness, plagues, or epidemics are not common on Aurlia, thanks to the healthy environment. Cities/towns can be found as urban or rural, which only hold electric cars, and there being no such thing as gas powered automobiles. Railways are mainly used to travel across Aurlia, even under or over the oceans, as with aircrafts. Boats do exist, though they are usually only used to get to and fro the island of the UNA. Other forms of transportation may be found, however, they are not as common.

Despite the environment appearing wholly gorgeous, it is only a facade. The United Nations of Aurlia agreed to hide the horrible monstrosities deep beneath Aurlia's ground, even taking some countries off the world map in an attempt to keep secret of the slow, but deadly spreading poisons. There are many tunnels that run under each continent, many leading to islands, and even deep ocean trenches. Each tunnel is filled with deadly gases, pollution, and other chemicals seeping into the dirt. Mysterious creatures also live in the tunnels, seeming to have adapted to the lethal poisons. However, the civilians of Aurlia, including many militias, and most of the factions have not a clue that their beautiful land has a fatal dark side.

Universal Identification Code (U.I. Code)

The universal currency is Auli (₳) - a digital amount relating to that of solid commerce material. Auli is carried as a code within a chip by almost everyone on Aurlia. This code is specially unique to every human, being drilled just behind their eye, into their minds at birth. The chip itself has the ability to provide a hologram that is only visible by the user. The code is six digits with only one letter at the beginning, relating to that person's first letter of their name, and five numbers after. This code is what is used to transfer Auli for purchases. To access Auli, a person has to have their eye scanned by the vendor, which is usually done by the vendor with their own eye scanner, courtesy of the UNA.
You gain Auli by working for a valid employer, or by theft. To gain Auli by theft is against the law, however usually the desperate resolve to this act. Stealing Auli can be done by the process of murder or death. Once a human lies dead, their Auli is free to take as their body is no longer safe from harms way.
Countries do, however, contain their own ways of currency and trade, such as coins or useful items/materials. Some believe the Auli currency system to be "corrupted" or "unfair."

There are more uses to the codes than one could hope for. Not only does it provide a visual of one's Auli based sectors, but also their status'. Such as occupation, salary, birth certificate, GPS, world-wide-web, one's contacts (for phoning someone), social media, clothing durability, bodily functions, and much more. Only the user can see their own functions and well being, no one has the ability to see one another's functions & well being. Though to get all this content, one must buy a subscription. Otherwise, regular humans would be too informed for their own good. And no, sadly there is no tracking devices installed onto the chip as that would be an invasion of privacy.

It is possible to remove the chip, but that would require an immense amount of pain (or not) depending on the choice taken. There are certain hospital services that allow you to remove the chip, but you'd have to schedule a date and pay in advance. This service is monitored by the UNA.
The time of the operation can vary for each person, though it is usually done within less than two hours. During the operation, the operators put the patient in a state of sleep, then proceed to drill into their eye with lasers that do not harm the brain nor the eye. The chip is not necessarily removed, but more like severely damaged to the point that it can no longer operate. The lasers seem to travel past human flesh and parts of the body as it was made to only decimate the chip. Using this method takes a while since the laser must take it's time to completely disable the chip. After the operation, the patient is given 30 minutes of rest in a hospital bed to readjust themselves to the new changes. When the 30 minutes become null, they are kindly forced to leave the hospital grounds. Occasionally, the patient may become disoriented and feel helpless, useless or vulnerable. There have been some cases of suicide due to these feelings.
Another way to remove the chip is by shooting oneself in the eye, or by surgically removing the eye then digging near the brain, pulling the chip out (not as easy as it sounds). This process, as you can assume, is awfully painful. Not many resort to this, but it will always lie as an option.


Being in a faction means that one is entitled to give their life for that faction. No regular civilian may become a member of a faction without proving that they can handle themselves strategically and calmly within violent situations. While some factions may perform trials for newcomers, others may not. However, that does not mean an individual may instantly join the faction. Usually, contact with the Leader is needed to initiate a trial for the newcomer. This trial can occur without the newcomer's notice, such as the Leader already judging how well the newcomer presents themselves within the first few seconds of meeting. There may also be other appointed members of a faction that hold power to approve or reject certain individuals who inquire to join the faction.

The United Nations of Aurlia (UNA)
The United Nations of Aurlia is a large group made up of representatives from countries all around Aurlia. Its members consist mostly of politicians, some from the military, others are scientists, or even handpicked people from wherever. Those who are in the UNA have special rights that reign over regular humans. They make decisions that affect Aurlia and everything that lives in it. Anything that they state, record, or act on is highly confidential and kept with the utmost of secrecy. There is a large island centralized between all of the continents where the UNA members meet. They do own a few other islands that are spread out over the planet. There is a rumour that they hold experiments deep under some islands, but "no one should believe in rumours" as their propaganda states. They use propaganda to the extreme that people don't even think or know that it is propaganda. No one questions them in the world of today, except for the minority.

A faction group of rebels positioned all throughout Aurlia. Their main enemy is the United Nations of Aurlia, located in the center between the continents. Eviternity doesn't have an HQ, but they do have many posts with mini-Leaders in each. They are concerned with the political standpoints spreading throughout the world, yet they have their eye's set on the horrors beneath Aurlia's ground. They fight for true equality and freedom for the truth that the UNA hides from the world. They will rebel against the authorities, however, they see fit. The UNA obviously knows of their existence and aims to take them down.

Ranks - Ranks/roles in Evi can vary from anything in the military or something made up. Only leadership positions are not allowed to be taken unless otherwise specified.

They are the only widely known, most professional assassination based faction. They perform assassinations for whoever summons them, yet in the end, they'll always gain more than bargained. They don't care for politics nor the environment; members are only in the faction for the Auli. There are those who do genuinely care about their faction and hope to make it the most powerful faction around. Their enemy is Orthynes, as peace would destroy Avenoir.

Ranks - Rank names can be added onto, such as the title "Expert" may include "Expert Lieutenant Assassin" or the such. General military ranks, like those in the army, may be used. Mentors can also be appointed. The faction ranks are as follows, weakest to strongest:
Recruit - Initiate - Novice - Apprentice - Adept - Veteran - Expert - Master

A pacifist faction with members all throughout Aurlia. Their main goal is to resolve all wars between all factions and to create everlasting peace. They go around spreading wisdom and tranquillity in hopes of making others seem to help them out. They concern themselves with not only the other factions but with the countries and continents arising aggression. Some factions consider them very annoying, as they seem to get in the way. Quite often, Orthynes members host public speeches to try and make people consider peace. They also try to hold meetings with rival faction leaders or any strong faction members in an attempt to convince them to reconsider making peace. Even as their main goal is overall peace, their attempts to reaching that goal may not always result in having peaceful actions.

Ranks - The ranks/roles here are allowed to be almost anything besides the leadership ranks. Be creative.

After starting out small, their numbers have grown over the years. People used to never take them seriously at the beginning, but when they completed their first massacre, it was then that they became infamous. They used to allow almost anyone to join their cause, but soon after some members ratted them out, they closed their doors to the weak, unwilling and traitorous. Any information they gather is never heard of outside of the faction. They have strict policies that are enforced by their dictator of a leader. Though, it is noted that their leader genuinely cares about his members. Apparently, this faction has small ties with the UNA, but it hasn't been proven to the public, yet. Police from various countries are determined to take them down, though, for some reason, something is keeping them from getting any leads. Only on occasion, the careless members are caught and placed on death row.

This faction solely exists to bring chaos, disorder, destruction, and pure malice. They don't care for the weak or civilians, and will do what they please to remove anyone in their way. They have malicious intentions, more so than the UNA. They plan for world domination through genocide, and bringing about anarchy-like dictatorship. They feel no empathy nor pity for those weaker than them; they are seen as cruel, evil, heartless, ruthless, callous, relentless, and inhumane.

Ranks - The ranks will only consist of regular military rankings for those in the army.

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Re: Aurlia Information

Post by Desmeon on Fri May 13, 2016 7:51 pm


This map is somewhat a work in progress, though this is the world map of current Aurlia.

-Credit to Artemis for creating the map



The universal language in Aurlia is Aulor. This has been decided by the UNA in order for countries to easily communicate with each other. Aulor uses a variety of dialects from other country languages, yet some originality in sound and grammar to make it into the official Aurlian language. Even if countries may have their own language, the UNA made it mandatory for Aulor to be taught throughout schooling systems and teaching programs.

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Re: Aurlia Information

Post by Desmeon on Fri May 13, 2016 8:02 pm


Aitrika Continent

A small country in the Northern most part of Aitrika. It holds science and healthcare very dearly.
-Capital: Voliton
-Landmarks: Icefloe Sea,
-Language: Aulor, Ceyan
-Ethnicity: Ceyii

A middle sized country that doesn't like socializing with outsiders. They think highly of administration and welfare.
-Capital: Ekrin
-Landmarks: Ice Cavern, Teal Stream,
-Language: Leirish
-Ethnicity: Leiric

An aggressive closed off country that is locked in war with Oranis over land. Located in the icy forests of Aitrika, Nexis specializes in militarization and law & order.
-Capital: Ivyein
-Landmarks: Frost Forest,
-Language: Aulor, Nexish
-Ethnicity: Nexi

A middle-sized country with inclusive, peaceful citizens. The government concerns itself with education, social policy, and environment.
-Capital: Aire Aine
-Landmarks: Pined Peak, Frozn Creek,
-Language: Aulor, Irrelle
-Ethnicity: Irrellian

A freezing, icy country situated to the East. Their citizens are known to have the most cheerfulness. They dedicate themselves to international aid and industry.
-Capital: Noc-Val
-Landmarks: Iglooville,
-Language: Aulor, Kholish
-Ethnicity: Kholishi

Krion Continent

An extremely powerful and very large country. Oranis specializes in militarization and spirituality.
-Capital: Decastrad
-Landmarks: Lucent Rivers,
-Language: Aulor, Oran
-Ethnicity: Orani

A pacifist country that juggles the demands of international aid, public transport, and social policy.
-Capital: Waiven
-Landmarks: Waive Tributary, Ide Lake,
-Language: Aulor, Sluidese
-Ethnicity: Sluidian

A close ally of Oranis, just as large and nearly as powerful. It is positioned right next to Oranis. Solus specializes in militarization and education.
-Capital: Miraen
-Landmarks: Shaol Brook,
-Language: Aulor, Sol
-Ethnicity: Solusni

Neutral country known to have the most compassionate citizens. Healthcare and welfare is most important to the government.
-Capital: Searidge
-Landmarks: Cloud-nine Woodland,
-Language: Fraizuran
-Ethnicity: Fraiian

A medium sized country known for its huge industry. For those in the know, there is also a very efficient Black Market.
-Capital: Zelapyn
-Landmarks: Shea Creek,
-Language: Aulor, Glorean
-Ethnicity: Gloredoran

Etone Continent

Euthenia is a large country that socializes with other countries. It specializes with education and militarization.
-Capital: Pristine
-Landmarks: Surge River, Pristine Lakes, Everland Amusement Park,
-Language: Aulor, Euthen
-Ethnicity: Euthenian

A country with many species of trees. Environment and social policy are most important to them.
-Capital: Zorus
-Landmarks: Cedar Woods, Reservoir Thicket, Zorus Lake, Zoru Creek,
-Language: Aulor, Cedoric
-Ethnicity: Cedorini

A country of an oddly beautiful, barren land. Somehow, the people who live here get by, thus being known as quite the resourceful country. The government doesn't focus on much of anything, other than industry.
-Capital: Shiren
-Landmarks: Cay Islands, Ez Harbour, Desolate Wasteland,
-Language: Aulor, Daarean
-Ethnicity: Daaren

A crazy wealthy country that one could say is beyond lucky. It is known to have the least poverty in all of Aurlia, almost none. Administration and welfare are prioritized in the government.
-Capital: Criminon
-Landmarks: Great Luc Waters, Eos Centre,
-Language: Aulor, Luconic
-Ethnicity: Luconese

A wealthy country with stunning lakes and noted for the healthiest citizens. The government centralizes healthcare while containing equality in the other governmental areas.
-Capital: Topia
-Landmarks: Great Luc Waters, Mirror Shallows, Mount Helia,
-Language: Aulor, Xeru
-Ethnicity: Xerulian

Zeyrix Continent

A small and humble country that would rather avoid war. Idilis specializes in education and spirituality.
-Capital: Aston
-Landmarks: Greenshell Port, Greenshell Brook,
-Language: Aulor, Idilia
-Ethnicity: Idilish

A small sized country that prefers to keep to itself and rarely converses with other countries set aside the trading routes it establishes with them. Reyrien specializes in industrial production and healthcare.
-Capital: Nythemere
-Landmarks: Evereach Jungle,
-Language: Reyrish
-Ethnicity: Reyrian

A large country, with a large population. It holds the largest gambling industry and youth rebelliousness. The government focuses on international aid and law & order.
-Capital: Rustspire
-Landmarks: Rust Casino and Hotel, Hallow River,
-Language: Aurlor, Grievan
-Ethnicity: Grievan

Medium in size, this country holds the most famous rain forests. Environment is easily the first specialized area, while social policy is second.
-Capital: Eslivale
-Landmarks: Shimmer Rain Forest,
-Language: Aulor, Fariadynic
-Ethnicity: Fariader

A medium forested but mountainous land. Its government focuses on welfare and public transport.
-Capital: Bellem
-Landmarks: Emerald Mountains, Lushwood Lake,
-Language: Aulor, Tatavin
-Ethnicity: Tateve

Lustrus Continent

A high income, medium sized country with the best mining industry. Covenya specializes in industrial production and militarization.
-Capital: Bloomdale (Boomdale)
-Landmarks: North Frontier,
-Language: Aulor, Coveni
-Ethnicity: Covenyan

A little country that is known for its pure melancholy. They have bodies shipped from Synii due to having larger burial grounds. This country also is known to have the most diseased population. The government juggles all areas equally.
-Capital: Gravengue
-Landmarks: Grave Wastes,
-Language: Aulor, Helish
-Ethnicity: Helisian

A large country surrounded by red sands. Law & order is the most heavily focused area, next to environment.
-Capital: Karderst
-Landmarks: West Hinterland, Saltd Lake,
-Language: Aulor, Carminese
-Ethnicity: Carmin

A land with many plateaus and rocky, sand mountains. Education, environment, and international aid are of most importance.
-Capital: Anstar
-Landmarks: Overseer Plateau, Skie Mountian, Dead Sands
-Language: Aulor, Dietran
-Ethnicity: Die-Atran

Known to have the most ignorant citizens, along with awful weather and the highest death rate, it's inhabitants are rude to outsiders and the government has the most corruption. No specific government area is considered important; somehow this country manages.
-Capital: Duskhold
-Landmarks: Enflamed Expanse, Penance Pinnacle
-Language: Syniish
-Ethnicity: Syniic

Points of Interest/Landmarks

Easters Island
An island to the far north of Krion and to the far west of Aitrika. It is unclaimed territory in the shape of a bunny. There is no known reason as to why it was named "Easters Island." The island itself is thought to be mysterious as it seems to hold supernatural activity that is yet to be concluded.

Auraeos Island
An island not too far from Easters Island. It is far north of Etone. It resembles the shape of  the letter "A" with a few mini-islands just off of it. This place hasn't been explored thoroughly, but some time in the future, the UNA may have plans for the place. The reasoning behind the island's name is simple, auroras in the sky can be seen from it almost every night. It has also been thought that the planet's creators reside here.

Another island located just South-East of Lustrus. It looks to be the shape of a disfigured "M" with multiple, smaller islands beside it. It is yet another mysterious island of the planet. It is full of radioactivity from an unknown source. There are no known inhabitants of the land beside the mutant species. It is a no-go zone for any humans of Aurlia since the place is toxic and will severely harm or kill trespassers.

An archipelago, west of Zeyrix, which Noctonians (knock-tawn-ee-ahn) had once inhabited. Ever since the UNA took over the islands, the Nocton civilization depleted, along with their culture and population. The UNA used the islands as their new experiment island due to the decreasing space back at the main UNA island.

Heartmine Island
Within the gulf of Carmine, there is an island with the figure of a heart. This spot is labelled as the most famous vacation land. It is full of warm sunny days and plentiful with hot springs and vegetation.

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Re: Aurlia Information

Post by Desmeon on Wed Jun 01, 2016 2:20 pm


Aurlia - World Wide

♦ Nations of Aurlia Unification Week - Crozaire 20th-28th - The unification of nations all across Aurlia, or the founding week of the UNA. They sought to compromise over the years, thus having a week to celebrate it. During the week, nations are to keep peace until the 29th. People all over the world set off fireworks and hold festivals of their culture.

♦ Stars End - Aecus 39th-40th - Two days at the end of the month that people from all over Aurlia celebrate. The continuous shooting stars at night have a grand finale these two days, and right as Taran begins, there will be hardly any more until next Aecus. People celebrate with night watching, getting together with friends and family, sharing gifts, and overall having a sense of joy.

♦ Bloom Moon - Taran 40th - A whole day/night where the two moons always happen to shine fully and brightly. Both can somehow be seen by everyone on the planet, though not always at the same time. Flower petals of all sorts flow freely in the air until the clock strikes twelve, leading into the next month and ending the Month of Earth. Some festivals are held in honour of the now past, but fruitful month, Taran.

♦ Night Festival - Zehli 40th - One day at the end of the month where many across Aurlia celebrate. During the night-like day, carnivals and festivals are set up in almost each country. People usually eat, have fun, and spend time with friends & family the whole day. At the actual night time, people have created floating lanterns or sell them to others so that everyone can take part in the release of the lanterns in the dark of night.

♦ Illuminations - Crozaire 40th - The last day of Crozaire where humans from all over Aurlia celebrate the peacefulness of the month. This day is carried out with a regular day to night time. Festivals are not usually held on this day; fireworks or light shows are set off at night. People tend to spend time with their family/friends and enjoy their time by doing whatever it is that they enjoy.

♦ Skies Fall - Arehio 40th -

♦ Rain Revere - Kryris 40th -

♦ Serenescence - Sriune 40th -

♦ Reminiscence Day - Illenne 40th - The last day of the month and year. This is a day to remember the times gone by. People usually celebrate this day by being by their lonesome. It is the most peaceful and silent day of the year while holding a sorrowful air across Aurlia. Although it may seem melancholic, it is a day to remember the beautiful days that have passed, to appreciate the fact that you are alive, and that the moments you have lived through was all, indeed, worth every second. None should forget that one's very own life is so irreplaceable.



♦ Iridescent Day - Crozaire 8th - A day where the auroras in the sky above Aitrika shine brightly unlike any other day of the year. This day is spent by stargazing with friends and family in the chilly night air.


♦ Festival of Wonders - Kryris 1st -

♦ Celebration of Souls - Sriune 13th-16th -

♦ Petrichor Fest - Kryris 25th -




♦ Carnage Eclipse - Zehli 20th - There is only one day in Zehli that an eclipse lasts for the whole day(or night in this case). All of Lustrus celebrates this day by letting their citizens disregard every law, or allowing anything illegal be legal. But only on this day. If citizens continue to disrespect the law the following day, they will be severely punished and reprimanded.

♦ Days of the Deceased - Illenne 15th-16th - Due to having many burial grounds, Lustrus holds two national days of celebrating the dead. People usually mourn their loved ones, those who have passed, but many also celebrate the time they did spend with them. Thus, mini festivals are held throughout the countries; the festivals vary from each.



♦ Epoch Eon - Illenne 39th - The day before Reminiscence Day where Evi members gather all around the world and celebrate their accomplishments from within that year. The events that take place on this day vary from each group across Aurlia. Rebels gotta have fun too, right?


♦ Not a named event, but from Illenne 1st-8th all members in Avenoir are on a note of absence. No one knows where they go during the time as everyone seems to scatter. The members are unreachable if a client would like to summon them; only when they return will they continue with their work.


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Re: Aurlia Information

Post by Desmeon on Wed Jun 01, 2016 3:39 pm

(More to come)

The Forest Felis (AKA Lifa)
A small, furry, omnivorous mammal, that share qualities to that of Earthen cats. They arent domesticated, but they are known to seldomly be pets. They claim home to forests, and they have fur colors that are used to blend with forest debris. They have two small antlers, centered on their head just next to their ears. The color of their eyes are unique, as they are a glowing, light green, which is also the color of the diamond shaped marking on their forehead. They are one of the animals known to be able to use bits of magic, forest magic. Their magic comes out from their paws with every step they take. Depending on their mood, the little, green, flower sprout that pops up can be poisonous to touch and inhale. On rare occasions, and this is only when they're in a good mood, the flower sprout can heal small injuries externally and internally, of any creature.

The Basalisk
The Basalisk is a savage lizard that possesses the characteristics of an Earth canine. It’s dry scaly skin provides it protection against the hot, punishing sun. It’s body is relatively stocky, however, it is surprisingly fast, reaching speeds of 40 mph at a full sprint. It’s thick neck is hung low, giving it the appearance of a hunch-back. It’s mouth is thin and elongated, filled with 2 rows of long, jagged fangs. It’s eyes are large, black and glassy. Instead of the typical black and white vision often seen in mammals, the Basalisk uses heat vision to detect it’s surroundings. It’s sense of smell is incredibly strong and precise, enabling it to track down prey for miles. It’s coloration is always dull in color usually only consisting of sandy or brown with speckles to help it blend into it’s surroundings. The Basalisk is only found on the continent of Lustrus where they breed like rabbits, making it the most common (and one of the most dangerous) sight when wandering the desert.

The Rok is a hideous, giant bird with a featherless head, jagged beak and appetite for rotting flesh. In fact, when a Rok successfully kills it’s prey, it takes it back to it’s roost and leaves it there until it begins to decay before eating it. A Rok’s feathers are thick, messy and often brown in color. Because Rok are constantly near rotting meat, flies live and lay their eggs in their feathers and feed on the carcasses as they pass by. A Rok is not an aggressive bird if you keep your distance, however, once approached, they will likely attack. Rok are not preyed on by many creatures and are only attacked by packs of Basalisk when they are desperate. Rok are found on the continent of Lustrus and roost in tunnels they dig into the sides of cliffs.

Giant, white-furred mammals. They closely resemble Earth’s ‘Polar Bear’, however, these bears are significantly larger and much more dangerous. Out of their stocky, heavily furred bodies jut out large shards of ice, fused to their body. These ice shards can be located just about anywhere. Because the Ursus’ body is so cold, any water that touches it’s body freezes in time. So as the creature ages and is exposed to more water, the more ice shards appear on it’s body. The Ursus has empty, black eyes that lack whites. These types of eyes are often considered the eyes of evil, however, the Ursus is not an inherently ‘bad’ creature. They are merely very territorial and possessive. Ursus make their home in burrows underground to escape the harsh, cold winter of Aitrika.

Shunt Hound
Large, white-furred canines. In primitive ages, they were used as hunters by the people of Leira. Now they serve as loyal companions to all of Aitrika. In the winter, their coats are a bright white. In the summer, they shed a portion of their thick fur and change into a light, autumn brown. They usually have vibrant blue eyes, however, can have dark brown in rare occurrences. Shunt Hounds with dark brown eyes are usually devalued as it is a common result of cross breeding. It is folk tale that some wild Shunt Hounds have mystical properties and use magic to bring forth the winters. Thus, wild Shunt Hounds are often hunted by those who wish to harness these abilities. None have been successful. Wild Shunt Hounds often prey upon Stagus and Greater Marmin. They make their homes in caves and temporary holes they dig on occasion.

Stagus are great, horned beast, similar to that of the Earth’s Elk. They have 6 appendages; 4 towards it’s front and 2 in it’s hind. They have 4 eyes, two on each side of it’s head. The extra eyes grant an extended field of view, making it more aware of it’s surroundings. They live in large herds, consisting of two lead males (the elder and it’s heir (if any)) and many females. Stagus, despite their majestic appearance, are very dangerous and should be avoided for a lead male will defend it’s herd at all costs. They consume foliage and are usually only seen in the morning before they go into hiding. Stagus can be found-worldwide, however, their appearances may vary.

Greater/Lesser Marmin
These repulsive rodents are hardly cute and cuddly as most small and furry creatures are depicted as. They are fearless and highly territorial, often attempting to attack other creatures if approached, despite how much bigger they may be. The Greater Marmin is larger than it's counterpart and is, in turn, more aggressive. They are a sandy tan in the summer and, unlike most creatures in the cold Northern continent of Aitrika, stay that way year round. They have no need for such camouflage during the winter as they hibernate until Spring. Before they enter hibernation, however, they breed so that their young will be born safely in a burrow, rather than in the open where they are likely to be eaten. They are plump creatures with small, stumpy legs, a broad snout, 6 eyes (3 on each side) and a set of savage-looking fangs. Their only real predators are packs of Shunt Hounds. The Lesser Marmin, however, is smaller and more skittish than the Greater Marmin. They are reclusive and tend to hide in hollow logs where they nest. These Marmin breed constantly and are plentiful, despite being rarely seen. They are usually a light sand color and unlike it's counterpart, change their coat to a white with black speckles in the winter. They are too small to be much of a meal to other creatures and are normally only eaten by carnivorous birds.

A large carnivorous avian. It possesses many characteristics to that of the Earth's Eagle, however, is far from the same. Their wing span measures from 3'6 to 4 ft in length and their bodies are normally 1 to 1'5 ft in height. They are very docile and often serve as companions to many in Aurlia. Males and females are both white in color, however, females have black or grey speckles on their chest, wings and legs. A Levian's only predator is other Levians, at they have a tendency to turn cannibalistic if willing to go through the trouble. Levians eat fish and small rodents and won't bother to take prey back to their nest if they are free of young. Instead they eat in on the spot. They sometimes eat prey alive if they do not wish to take the time to kill it. They especially do this with young after they spend a week in the nest, to earlier introduce them to the art of hunting. Males hunt while the female guards the nest for it is not uncommon for another Levian to eat other Levians young and steal the nest. These Levians live in Aitrika, however, can be found in Lucon, after being introduced there by exotic pet traders.

These tiny reclusive birds are another one of the few species known to possess traces of magic. They, when tired or scared, can cling to the branch of a tree and become a leaf, hence their name. They don't like to be around people and are extremely skittish. However, they are very intelligent and are quick to learn. They are light green in color and have a lighter green colored heart shaped on their chest. They have large, black eyes and four, rapidly beating wings. These Leaflings are very rarely seen. So much so, they are thought to be endangered, but that is hardly the case. Leaflings eat berries and nectar. Their predators are only other, larger birds.

Wild Tusk-beast
Tusk-beasts are giant mutated boars with long, twisting tusks, red glowing eyes and an ill attitude. They are rare but extremely dangerous and with attack humans on sight. They are often mangy, their brown, matted fur in patches covering black, warted skin. Their face is a nasty sight; puffy and covered in tumors. It is rumored they are the result of an experiment involving radiation and evolution that escaped and began to repopulate in the wild. If the rumors are true, it clearly failed. They often kill for sport and are so violent little to nothing is known about them. Only that hunters in Krion should remain weary.

-Courtesy of Zer0


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Re: Aurlia Information

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Even as the surface of Aurlia is usually healthy, there will be some cases of sickness or disease. (Note: Some of our Earthen sicknesses/diseases can/may exist on Aurlia (Ex. schizo, herpes, lupus, rabies, and so on.) I'll just be naming some of the diseases found on Aurlia.)

Shiver Flu - Bad case of the chills and shivers. Brrr.
Symptoms: Sneezing, coughing, shivers, chills, a stuffy nose.
Remedies: Plenty of sleep, drink room temperature water, stay warm, avoid stress.

Whispering Undead - You can hear them too, right?
Symptoms: Paranoia, restlessness/fatigue, fear, incapability to move (slight paralyzation), social isolation, hostility, feeling out of place, hearing voices, incoherent speech.
Remedies: Medication, forced sleep, warm milk and honey, hugs, social exposure

Deadly Insanity - i'M not cRAZY, uOY aRe. kys.
Symptoms: Insanity, self-harm, hostility, delusions, mental confusions, inappropriate emotional responses, displeasure, rapid/frenzied speech
Remedies: Medication, hospitalisation

Thought Ache - Thinking...hurts...
Symptoms: Headaches, migraines, fatigue, apathy, feeling detached from oneself, loss in interest in activities, slow thought process, sensitivity to light
Remedies: Sleep, medication, shades, relaxation

Blight Plague - Puke inducing.
Symptoms: Frequent nausea, blight on skin, irritated skin and eyes, rashing, spreading, nose bleeds, loss of appetite
Remedies: Hospitalisation, isolation, vaccine, medication

Crying Virus - It's contagious.
Symptoms: Tears, mood swings, depression, incoherent speech, blood-shot eyes, dry skin, dehydration, hunger, fatigue
Remedies: Sleep, hugs, exercise, water/food, avoid stress

Trivial Ache Hyper Fever - Who named this?
Symptoms: Muscle ache, fever, dehydration, sleepiness
Remedies: Sleep, massages, water

Shock Infection - I got a booboo.
Symptoms: Shock, occasional bleeding from wounds and nose, coughing, scarring, rashes, headaches, disorientation, kid-like speech
Remedies: Rest, bandaging, medication, time

Terminus - ....I'm sorry....
Symptoms: Dilated pupils, reds rings around iris', eye bleeds, grey sclera (the darker, the worse), cough blood, drooling, sneezing, pale decaying skin, irregular heartbeat, decaying heart, dead mindset or slow thought process, changes in chemical balance
Remedies: Novosirox
*Info: Severe and non-severe cases; people are only infected once and usually there is certain death. Aims to attack the heart first then other parts of the body; attacks brain (prefrontal cortex & amygdala) only to control body. Extremely rare cases of living, if alive the virus will cause hysteria, delirium, insanity, etc.
Novosirox is the only cure to prevent death from the virus, but it cannot fix damage done already. It is very expensive and does not work most of the time. If Novosirox manages to "cure" Terminus, only a few of the symptoms are removed, such as decaying skin, drooling, slow thought process, and coughing blood. The chemical balance can be restored over time, sneezing occurs normally, bleeding eyes remains the same, dilated pupils are retained, and the sclera turn black. Irregular heartbeats remain irregular, the heart stays damaged, and insanity is common.
Oddly, only four creatures can have it at one time.



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Re: Aurlia Information

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