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It Begins Here

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It Begins Here

Post by Desmeon on Mon Jul 04, 2016 8:19 pm

This is an information topic about oncoming Official Site Roleplays. I suppose you could call this a short teaser.
But how is it informative? Well, as the title states, it begins here.
You may have thousands of questions concerning this post, maybe not, but this was created with that intent.
The actual roleplay will be coming soon. So please, do not roleplay here.
Though you can leave your excited thoughts down below, even questions, but know that I will not answer those questions. Member's are free to come up with theories, so go ahead and let your thoughts wander!


Where to begin? There is so much to cover, yet so little time.
Well, here we are. This is life on Aurlia.
You reading this means that you are alive.
Not surprising? Of course, nothing new. Not to your daily life.
Though, you should be glad. Glad that you can understand these typed words, general speech, vision, breath, emotion, thought, and overall having a sense of existence.
You shouldn’t trade your life for anything else in the world. It is something so great, that you only can understand.
Don’t mind the fact that trillions upon trillions of others have an existing, living form. Even if we cannot comprehend those we do not know exist.
Everything is different to one being than it is to another. Nothing is the same.
Yet it is all similar. Similar in a sense that it has a form, whatever it may be.
To live on this planet, as you call Aurlia, you live a life that is known only by yourself and to those you’ve met.
You  all have a purpose, even if it isn’t apparent.
Your life is something that matters to the universe.
Because of your existence, you’ve altered the universe to what little you understand.
You have done so much of that you wouldn’t know, as it has changed how the universe reflects upon itself.
It lies a mystery as to why everything is the way it is. Though you should know, it is the way it is because of you.

Aurlia. It is a planet as any other. It holds life that affects the world around it. It has it’s problems, it’s mistakes, it’s accomplishments, it’s worth.
There are it’s regular inhabitants. The innocent and the guilty. The heroes, the villains. The great, the ordinary, the poor. The fortunate, the unfortunate. The moral, the impure. The humans, the animals.
The animals are unique to one another, seeming to be single minded. They may not have the same developments as humans, though there is more to them than what meets the eye.
There are many species to be wary of,  though do not be concerned. They are nothing like humans.
The humans have civilizations that evolved over time, changing and advancing their old world into something new, yet dangerous.
The humans may have succeeded in a plethora of things relating to their kind, though they failed to be humane.
Many of pure-hearted humans are murdered in cold blood by the ruthless. All in the name of power.
These cruel humans desire power over the others, thus they doom the planet they rely on.
It’s because of the relentless that the innocent must intervene to stop them at all costs. Even if it meant their only life.
Those who are brave continue to give their life for the weaker innocents, to save them from a world of suffering.
However, as generations pass, the corrupt thrive.
No amends are made while many give it their all. Everything remains the same.

Avenoir, Eviternity, Orthynes, and the United Nations of Aurlia.
Each unworthy to exist on Aurlia despite their “good” intents.
This was a planet to foster the true, not the false.

How will our Creator act when They find out about the planet’s flaw?
How will anyone live if They find out?
Will we remain alive? Will we find out the truth about ourselves?
Who are They? Is whoever They are, creators of Aurlia, what we claim as our home?
Will we die because of our fault?
Is this the price for our life on Their planet? Or is it Their planet?
Aren’t we who formed this planet to what it is today?
When will we receive the answers we plead for?

How are we supposed to live not knowing when we’re going to die?


Now to explain how the official roleplays are going to work.
Well, I plan on creating a story line that is told through chapters. Members hold a significant role with how the story progresses.
Not every official roleplay that is posted will be about the story line, as it will be apparent by the first post of that topic.
The post of a new story line roleplay may depend on when we finish the previous one. If the previous one is not completed, I may write a final post to the topic that will end it, though it'll be connected to the creation of the new official roleplay.
Not everything is thought out (but a majority is), so this official roleplay process may be debated with the site's members.

If you have questions, comments, or concerns regarding only the system for ORPGs and not the actual roleplay plots, then feel free to post them below.



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