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Character Bio: Rune

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Character Bio: Rune

Post by Rune on Mon Jul 25, 2016 6:38 pm


Full Name: Rune K. Evelie
Alias/Nickname: Rune
Date of Birth/Age: Age: 17
Born: Drius, Illene 19th, 1883
Gender: Female.
Sexuality: Straight.
Personality: Rune is curious, which can be both a good trait and a flaw. She finds it hard to believe that ignorance could sometimes be a good thing. Often, her curiosity gets the better of her. But despite this, she’s also very mature. She’s determined, and very stubborn, which she thinks of as meaning never giving up, but her sister always referred to as “pig-headed.” Rune is conversational, and talkative. She’s also very direct. She knows what she wants, and always goes directly to the point when talking to people. She's a quick-thinker, and inquisitive. She’s fierce, despite her height, and hates being bossed around. Rune is independent, and has a habit of tucking her hair behind her left ear, and untucking it again when she’s nervous. Which she is, more often than she’d like to admit.
Fears: Rune is afraid of fire. Ever since her parent’s deaths, she has been. When she sees it, she’s reminded of her mother’s screams and the flames, flickering up and down the boards of her old house turning it into ash. She’s afraid of never figuring out the truth. She’s also afraid of being abandoned and betrayed by someone she has loved and trusted. In fact, ever since her sister left her alone in Daare, she’s done her best not to get too close to anyone. Rune feels that abandonment would be bad, but betrayal would be worse. She’s also exceedingly afraid of hurting somebody she cares about; probably even more so than being hurt by someone else.



Height: 5’4’’
Weight: 113 lbs.
Eye Color: Smokey gray/brown with black around the edges.
Born Appearance/Looks: Rune has wavy, thick, light brown hair that falls about two inches past her shoulders. She has an even face, with defined features and dark eyebrows. She often lets her hair fall in her face on her right side, but keeps it tucked back behind one ear on her left. She is short, but has an adult face and demeanor, making her look older than she really is. She's not fat, but not really thin, either. She's sturdily built and has high cheekbones.


Weapons: She keeps a knife hidden in each of her boots.
Clothing/Armour: Rune wears tall, leather boots, and plain, black/gray clothing, as she doesn’t like drawing much attention to herself. She wears a dark jacket with a golden zipper and often keeps the hood up.
Gear/Gadgets: n/a
Other: Rune always wears a small, golden star-shaped necklace that belonged to her mother. It reminds her of her family.


Social Status

Place of birth: Shiren, Daare. Etone.
Faction: Eviternity
Role: Eviternity Lieutenant/Spy
Occupation: Rune collects objects and items off the street and trades them to tinkerers and mechanics for the things she needs. It’s not an official job, but it’s how she gets by. There have been times when she’s taken up official jobs, like organizing stores to get Auli, but she always found it boring and went back to trading things found on the streets.
Alignment: Rune’s loyalty used to be to the UNA, but she believes the fire that killed her parents may have been set by the UNA because they found out her parents had discovered an interesting tunnel into the earth that did not correspond with any maps. Since then, her goal has been to find out what happened to her parents and figure out the truth about the UNA, and the underground. Currently, she is working on the side of Eviternity.
Family/Relatives: Rune’s mother and father were named Skyra and Cade. Her older sister, Hermia, is currently living in Zeyrix.
Spouse: Not yet.
Pet(s)/Companion(s): Rune owns a tamed black rat named Thessel. He was a gift from a tinkerer friend of Rune’s. He likes to hide in Rune’s hood and perch on her shoulder.



Extra: n/a
History: When Rune was five years old, her mother and father died in a fire, which Rune believes was set by the UNA because her parents knew too much. For the next four years, Rune’s sister, Hermia, looked after Rune. When Rune turned nine, however, Hermia left Rune and went to Grieva, Zeyrix, leaving Rune alone.
Roleplay Sample: (NOTE: This is a part of the scene where Rune’s sister tells Rune that she’s leaving)
Rune stared at Hermia. She couldn’t believe what her sister had just said. “What did you say?”
“I said,” Hermia repeated, “that I’m going to Zeyrix. There are jobs I’ll be able to get there, and you’ll be fine on your own; you’re independent, and you’re smart.”
“So you’re leaving me. You’re leaving me all alone.” And with that, Rune got up, and walked out of the room, she needed to be alone.
The storm outside their window was howling, but neither girl payed much attention; the storm in their hearts was so much greater.
Second Lieutenant
Second Lieutenant

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Re: Character Bio: Rune

Post by Desmeon on Tue Jul 26, 2016 4:13 pm


You may begin roleplaying, and your code is R33000.



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