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Post by Desmeon on Sat May 07, 2016 1:59 pm


Full Name: A. I. Desmeon
Alias: Desmeon, Dessie, Dessy, Des, Desu, etc
Date of Birth/Age: Crimnius, Illenne 33rd, 1880 - 19 years old (Thought to be 22)
Gender: Female (Thought to be male)
Sexuality: Asexual, Aromantic
Personality: Desmeon is mostly quiet; she keeps to herself but speaks when spoken to. Yet she presents herself as strong and tough, as someone who cannot be beaten, someone who is remarkable with her actions and less-spoken words, one who would sacrifice herself for another, and as an idol to the weak in the world. But that is all just a masquerade, to hide who she really is.
Desmeon acts as the Eviternity Leader, even though she isn't. Well, not technically. Her followers don't know the real her, not even her Co-Leader, nor the friends she doesn't have. They only know her as the Leader, someone who had first created the faction.
She lies constantly, every day of her life, to everyone she has met and has not. She holds secrets like no other, holds the pain throughout it all, all the leading she must do against her will. The only good thing about her today is that she endures it. Everything else is just pure deceit. She completely copies the long-gone Eviternity Leader so as others don't think the previous leader had died. She keeps it all secret as a last request.
It is because of all the lies and secrets she keeps that she is quiet. She doesn't want to let any of it slip out as she is on the edge all the time. It is all emotionally scarring to her, but she takes it. There are many reasons as to why she keeps the gas-mask on, this being one of many. Ever since the incident, she knows that she never wanted the position, and she hopes it ends soon.
Fears: Not accomplishing her goal, her vow, her promise that she swore her life on, and failing in general. She also has an occasional fear of the pitch darkness since it makes her mind wander in not only her past but what she fears of in the future. And she has an ever increasing fear of her own demise.



Height: 171 Cm (5.61024 ft)
Weight: 52.1631 Kg (115 lbs)
Eye Color: Bright in colour, faintly glowing golden, flame red.
Born Appearance/Looks: Desmeon has pale skin, with a flat chest, and a skinny build due to lack of eating healthy, though she is stronger than she looks. She has silky, black hair that reflects the light that it's under, adding the colour it gains from the light source to her hair, but only temporarily. She has bangs that partially cover her eyes. Her side bangs are a little longer than the length of her hair, of which reaches down just past her shoulders.



-Decimation Rifle: This weapon is intimidating, but noted by many across the world and known for its deadly accuracy. The typical length of the weapon is 916mm, with a 388mm barrel and the weapon weighs around 4.3kg. It uses 7.62x33mm rounds, but other calibers are available.
The weapon has an upper and lower receiver to make potential repairs easier and low cost. The pistol grip is made out of metal, but can also be made out of premium wood and pearl depending on your purpose.
The stock is made out of birch, but a few other stock materials are available. The standard stock is a wooden stock, but the silver stock is just as common and popular.
The standard issue magazine is a spool which carries 35 rounds, but other sizes are available. It has both a button and lever mechanism to release the magazine.
The selective fire modes are safe mode, automatic and semi-auto.
This weapon was designed for the army with the purpose of increasing security. It was designed by a Euthenian man named E. Fawkes.
This weapon has couple other variants, but there's no civilian version yet.
The weapon's official name is called the 0U-T.

-Equalizer Revolver: Its balanced weight makes it not hard to handle. It packs a punch with deadly precision. The revolver comes with an expensive wooden grip, with expensive decorations and an expensive silver barrel, which could be decorated if so desired. It has an attachment on it that covers a shot bullet with poison, the poison can be splattered. It is the only one of its kind as it was created as a gift for Desmeon.

-Duel wield Vengeance and Vindication Pistols: These burst-fire, double-barrel pistols are a unique in a sense, and are rare to come by. Its counterbalanced weight makes it easy to handle. It has a great amount of firepower with high precision. This particular set of pistols comes with a metal grip, with expensive decorations and a heavy duty double-barrel, which could be ornamented if so desired. The weapon was originally designed as a testing project, but it soon became infamous across the world and is now in use by few military forces. Its official name is the IN-O1.

-Hidden blade of Many: One of a kind blade hidden up the sleeves. It can be altered to have a use of many sorts of deadly attributes.

-Invisible and Invincible Bowie Knife: Similar to a Bowie knife, it has a blade made of sharpened titanium with a fine dull grey, gilded grip.  

Clothing/Armour: A custom made, fire-proof hoodie with the chest, sleeves, and hood coloured dark indigo and have many black and silver buckles and belts all over them. Underneath, Desme has a long sleeved, Kevlar-vest.
Black, well fitted, fire-proof, compartment built, lightweight, plated but flexible combat pants that are tucked nicely in her boots.
Dark grey and dark indigo, finger-less gloves with enforced grip.
A black belt with multiple studs and buckles to match her coat.
And black, light steel plated, compartment installed, laced & belted, traction enforced, styled high combat boots.

Gear/Gadgets: A black, grey, and dark green & red gas-mask with enforced plating and protection all around the head. The screen over her face is tinted a very dark red to hide her facial features. The mask has it's own installed ventilation/filter system, thus having not much need for filters unless broken; and an included breath powered mechanism. It has a voice altering device that makes Desmeon's voice sound like her dead brother's.
A walkie-talkie issued to every Eviternity Rebel. It is pocket sized, dark in colour, and cannot be wiretapped. The device relies on solar power to be charged and holds up to 42 miles of station connectivity to other walkie-talkies.

Other: Pouches/compartments full of drugs and first aid material. Other pouches also contain ammo for all of her weapons.
Including a small, light backpack that carries gas and spray paint cans, along with emergency gas mask filters. The backpack may also be packed with powdered food packets, or small water canisters.
She also wears a heart pendant necklace; the heart is made of pure white gold that is lined with an outer heart of refined titanium. There are two small amethyst stones hung right above the white golden heart, on the titanium ring holding the actual pendant and the gold coloured, titanium chain. On the gold heart, it is engraved "Forever & Always" while on the titanium, it holds the names of herself and her ever dearest. It was also noted that every now and then, the pendant gives off a soft, warm glow of orange, seemingly as if it held a sense of magic.


Social Status

Place of birth: In the Aitrika continent, country of Ceyin, in a little town named Shardfalls.
Ethnicity: Ceyii, Morrosian
Language: Aulor, Ceyan, Euthen, Oran, Morro
Faction: Eviternity
Role: Leader
Occupation: None other than leading the Eviternity Rebels.
Alignment: Chaotic Good - Although she has good intentions, there are times she slips up and lets her horrid thoughts control her, resulting in ruthless motives.
Family/Relatives: All dead.
Spouse: None.
Pet(s)/Companion(s): None at the moment.



Extra: Documents about the Desmeon family were wiped, UNA have their reasons. For being the rebel leader, Desmeon is usually always in the know. And Desmeon does not carry all of her weapons all of the time.
History <3:
Desmeon is her last name. Her first name is actually Aeris and middle name, Iria. She used to live a quiet, peaceful life with her mother and brother. The father was hardly mentioned as she grew up. It was just about 7 years ago, she was 13 when her mother was caught in a science lab accident. Well, that's what they say happened, though her mother had really been used as an experiment.
The mother was just a nobody scientist in the Ceyin Science and Technologies Industry (CSTI). One day, she, unknowing that it was her last, kissed her kids goodbye. Later in that day, she wasn't notified until she woke up from being gassed, that she was chosen by the United Nations of Aurlia to be used as a world changing experiment. It was only a couple days later when a letter was delivered to the Desmeon residence...
Her brother was 16 at the time of the mother's death. Over the years, he had been monitoring the government's actions, Ceyin's to be precise. But he began researching the United Nations of Aurlia soon after receiving the Letter of Inheritance. There were days that he secluded himself from the outside world or even left home days on end, just to look up the current political standings, the problems discerning society in the day, and anything else that would help him figure out the odd letter, whether it were true or not. It was many months later that he found more than he had hoped to find out. It was confidential information that the UNA were trying so hard to hide from the general public; the actual dark and ever darkening side of Aurlia. From this new info, and with him being 17 yrs old, he ran away with Aeris. He was afraid that he'd be hunted down, along with his sister, if the government learned that he knew. For more than a year they ran, but in that time, they gathered allies that supported him and his findings, which was definitely a surprise to him at first. Soon, he founded the rebel group of Eviternity, that told and spread the confidential information the UNA were covering up. Even today, they continue trying to keep the world large, government corruption a secret.
Aeris didn't join Eviternity until a few years later when she was 17 yrs old. Even when she did join, she didn't join for sure. She only kept to the shadows, and to herself during a short time. Only her brother was close to her then, and no one knew she was sister to the Eviternity Leader. Around that time, the group was faced with hardships as they were forced to go up against police forces and swat teams, members were even killed by the police, with them claiming it as an act of "self-defense."
With the weeks passing by, it soon came to the point in Aeris' life that seemed to have shattered her on the inside. It was all because of a little miscalculation, one itsy-bitsy mistake that destroyed what little she already had. No one in the Eviternity faction would have thought that the imbeciles, as they're known as, the recently created Orthynes faction decided to get in on the riot, causing a domino effect...
It was just Aeris and her brother. They crouched low in an alleyway, monitoring the riot occurring in the large city of Pristine, in the country Euthenia, located in the Etone Continent. The three widely known factions were there as chaos reigned upon Pristine. No one in Eviternity knew where their Leader was within the commotion. Not even the walkie-talkies worked correctly. Anyway, an Avenoir assassin had an assassination contract that day in Pristine, they had to kill a well-known, overly-rich man. The assassin was positioned in a building, coincidentally many yards across where Aeris and her brother were crouched. As the turmoil played out, everything became more hectic that armed men began gunning down those who seemed like threats. Unluckily for Aeris and her brother, a man who belonged to the swat team, found their hiding spot. It was at that same time, helicopters were called in to drop tear gas on the people. Those without gas protection or gas-masks were blinded by the tear-gas, but Aeris' brother did not waste a second to shield his sister from harms way.
The swat-man instinctively shot at the two, all the while the Avenoir assassin was also blinded by the wide-spread drop-age of gas. While shifting, coughing, and wiping their eyes, their finger slipped on the trigger of the sniper rifle they had, and just like that, the bullet was sent flying towards the swat-man. Almost immediately, the swat-man fell to the ground, dead, and Aeris' brother was severely injured. It took a moment before Aeris could open her burning eyes, just slightly to see her brother bleeding out, right on top of her. Feeling the need to scream out, she tried her best not to, so as to not attract any unwanted attention.
With the tear gas still heavy in the air, Aeris was fortunate to come across the gas mask attached to the belt of the dead Swat man. She wore the mask as she helplessly dragged her barely alive brother, to the darker part of the alley. She settled beside him as he coughed up blood, and more blood gushed from multiple wounds in his sides. With both in tears, they cried silently together, both knowing there was nothing to do at this point.
After a few minutes, Aeris' brother whispered to her about his dying wish and shoved a pendant into her hands as a solid reminder. The promise that she made to him, now her life goal, her vow that she would see the end to the lies of Aurlia. And it was no doubt that she would be Eviternity's Leader in his place; she would wear the gas mask to conceal her features, she would soon get a device that altered her voice to match her brothers, she would lead Eviternity to a greater future, and she would carry on the name of Eviternity Leader.

Of course, after the time after her brother's death, rebels became suspicious of Aeris. Though, lucky for her, it wasn't too noticeable of the differences between her brother and herself, as they both looked quite similar on the outside. People thought up rumors that had been used as an excuse as to why the leader changed his looks, well Aeris, really. But some thought that during the riot, he acquired some scars, thus why he wore the mask. Others thought that he wore that mask to prevent future irritation to his eyes from hazardous gases. And only some brought up the idea that perhaps he lost someone dear to him, so he wears the mask to hide his tears.
After some months getting used to the position of power, Aeris had cleared some of the rumours such as that the faction leader died and she was a fake. She tried hard to make sure no one knew the truth. That absolutely no one knew who she was other than their trusted leader, and her brother, Avery Ethel Desmeon.
Roleplay Sample:
Desmeon held her Decimation Rifle up right as she sat against a crumbling brick wall. On the other side, her enemy lay in wait for her to spring up and idiotically attack first. So she tightened her gas-mask, grabbed into her pouch of various gases, and waited for a couple moments. Once she threw the tear gas over the wall, it was not without a doubt that she'd run like hell. She'd be stupid if she ran straight into enemy fire, so she'd have to jump over obstacles like a maniac, or like some sort of badass parkour artist. Unfortunately, there was no other way to get past them, other than try to shoot them all at the risk of her getting shot.
Taking a deep breath, using the ventilation system in the gasmask to control her breathing, she then deftly threw the tear gas over to the other side. It almost spontaneously released its gas, and only a couple seconds after, gunshots fired like crazy. Without any more hesitation, Desmeon swiftly shifted her rifle to settle on her back, then hopped over the wall.
Desmeon watched in surprise, from her position in the middle of the road, as soldiers dropped dead. It seemed like someone was taking them out, perhaps an Eviternity member? Desmeon then jumped in her skin as a voice sounded behind her. Something about a guy in armor taking them down then putting out the fire. Turning around, She was shocked to see a slightly familiar face. She was a member of Eviternity; was she the one on the other side of the walkie-talkie from earlier? Backing up a couple paces, Desme tried to recall as to who this girl was. Her body was illuminated from the fire's light, but she couldnt clearly make out her features.

After a few seconds, Desmeon nodded in acknowledgement about putting out the fire. She didn't say a word as she deemed it not necessary. Shifting her body back to face the burning building, Desmeon ran once more, charging at the last soldier. He didn't even know what happened as she appeared a bit too quick, flipping out her Bowie knife and giving him a clean cut to his unprotected neck. Stupid, mindless soldier. That's how you die. She towered over his body as it slipped to the ground among the other soldiers and few Eviternity members bodies. Pure disgust spread across her face as she succumbed to the darkness within her heart. They'll pay alright, all of them. Who ever sided with the UNA deserved to be tortured, to suffer, and to be brought upon worlds of pain. They didn't deserve the sweet release of death, as that would be too easy.

Though now was not the time for that. The fire was growing more monstrous as seconds ticked by. Gazing up at the building, Desmeon gave an irritated sigh within her mask, and dashed into the building. She had to check for any survivors. There had to be some. There was no way they could have died just like that, right? Fire and smoke were dangerous, sure, but nothing those members shouldn't be able to handle. Running through the fiery halls, searching for signs of life, Desmeon hadn't given a care about her own safety. She was protected against the flames and fumes, so she had nothing to worry about. Before she left the first floor, she called out just in case she had missed someone as she passed by. There was no answer.

Making her way up the toppling stairs, Des made it onto the second floor before the stairs went crashing down to the ground, forcing embers to spray up. Without looking back, she continued forward, calling out as she rushed past falling debris. Flames tried and reached for her, but to no avail. Nothing burned her gear, but her skin felt hot. Extremely hot. She was sweating from the heat, felt dehydrated, yet moved onward. She checked each room on the floor, finding nothing but scorched material, objects, furniture, and two unknown bodies. Too late, dammit... Desmeon felt awful for not making it in time to save them. Whoever they were. Though she won't let them die in vain; she'd be sure to avenge them.

After moving to the third floor, she had found nothing. Not even bodies. Everything was already charred, burnt, and collapsing in on itself. She was lucky to get this far without falling through the boards, now she had to hope it was that way for the last floor. Making her way up, she had heard a pounding noise coming from somewhere up ahead. Hurrying, while dodging incoming rubbish and platforms, she managed to find herself in front of where the sound came from. She tried grabbing the door knob, yet it burned her fingers, making her withdraw her hand in pain. The thing pounding on the door must have heard her as she winced, since they began to desperately scream out. "Help! Please, please, please! Hellpp!" They had a young sounding voice, belonging to perhaps a teenager. Worried sick, Desmeon quickly grabbed for her pistol, taking a few shots at the door knob. She didn't know why she didn't do so much sooner, probably because of slow human instinct, though now the knob was off. The person had rammed against the door, and Desmeon jumped out of the way just in time. He now lay on top the charcoal-like door, heaving. The room he came from was full of smoke and flame, with most of the floor board missing, dropping into even more flames.

Glancing down to the guy, she grabbed his arm and picked him up. "We have to move. Now." She commanded, as she half dragged him to the now non-existent stairs. "Shit." She seemed to say aloud. The guy didn't look like he heard or noticed the panic in her voice, as he only leaned in her arms, making an effort to breathe. She couldn't help but feel sorry for him. How long had he been in there? How long was he yelling for help, struggling to hold onto the last bit of his life? Just as she was about to move over to a broken window, the floor creaked underneath, soon catching aflame. It wasn't even five seconds until Desmeon saw her life flash before her eyes. The young guy and her were falling, most likely to their deaths. The last thing she saw before being engulfed in fire and darkness was the young man motion his mouth to say the simple words, "Thank you."



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