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Ion Bio

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Ion Bio

Post by Ion on Sat Sep 10, 2016 7:34 pm


Full Name: Nexin I. Orpheus
Alias/Nickname: Ion, Io
Date of Birth/Age: Memius, Sriune 40th, 1878 (21 yrs (soon to be 22))
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Demisexual
(Characterized by a lack of sexual attraction toward any person unless they become deeply emotionally or romantically connected with a specific person or persons. The level of connection it takes for sexual desire to form is dependent on how close the relationship is rather than initial attraction.)
Personality: Looks can be deceiving when first meeting Ion. From the outside, it seems as if he's a very friendly and gentle person, but once you know his ambitions, you'll wish you've never met. The fact that he's malevolent, domineering, and callous is just the tip of the iceberg. To make it worse, he's ruthless, unscrupulous, and unpredictable, but those qualities are somewhat in check by his cleverness and intelligence. His cunningness and sadistic behaviour is also something to be wary of. Along with his lust for blood. He is cold to the heart and will do as he pleases to those that get in his way. It's because of these traits that his ranking in Somnia is quite high.
Other than all the negative characteristics, he does hold some decency. Such as his capability and sensibility. He is also very patient and observant. From these, Ion gets an understanding of the world around him, and usually, will act accordingly.
Fears: It may not be a paralyzing fear, but he fears that others will view him as weak and worthless. He does experience cases of claustrophobia.



Height: 180 cm / 5'9'' ft
Weight: 68 kg / 150 lbs
Eye Color: Dark purple iris' with slightly dilated pupils and black sclera due to Terminus.
Born Appearance/Looks: Ion has soft, messy, snow white hair that compliments his pale skin. He has a thin build though he is still plenty muscular. He has no facial hair, but he does contain a few faded scars.



--Desert Eagle .50 AE with extra mag (customized)
--Tranquillizer Pistol (customized)
--Eickhorn Advanced Combat Knife
--Butterfly Knife (enhanced)
Clothing/Armour: A white hood with black designs. A black, armored, sleeved shirt that matches his black, armored pants. Boots fit for combat, and gloves (one black, one white).
Gear/Gadgets: Due to Terminus, he was granted bionic arms to replace his decayed ones. The arms have technology installed within that can access his status', Auli, place calls, and much more. Since the mechanical arms have enhanced functionality, close-quarters combat can be done easily. Along with increased skill that consists of displacing heavy objects, punching through solid material, and compensating for weapon recoil & aim.
He also has semi-bionic feet/legs to support the weight from his arms. It does grant him slightly increased speed and jump.
He can use his bionic appendages as shields from various substances, materials, or tangible-matter.
Other: He has pouches and canisters attached to his belt. The canisters vary from poisonous toxins to pneumonic gases. The pouches may hold grenades of all sorts, such as fragmentation, chemical, offensive, illuminating, or nonlethal grenades.


Social Status

Place of birth: Nocton (UNA Archipelago)
Ethnicity: Noctonian (Knock-tawn-ee-ahn)
Language: Aulor, Noctin, Grievan, speaks only parts of many other languages.
Faction/Standing: Somnia
Role: First Lieutenant
Occupation: Information Broker. Provides information to those willing to pay the price.
Alignment: Lawful/Chaotic Evil
Family/Relatives: All dead.
Spouse: None.
Pet(s)/Companion(s): None, but can be seen borrowing fearful creatures.



Nexin is of Noctonian descent. He and his family lived on the archipelago islands, Nocton, west of Zeyrix. Nocton wasn't a well-known country and remains as so. Ever since the UNA took over the islands, their civilization had depleted, along with their culture and population. The UNA used the islands as their new experiment island due to the decreasing space back at the main UNA island.
Nexin was only 6 years old when the UNA took control of the land, altering everything about it. The Noctonians had been left alone for the first year, though after that, they were forced out of their homes and were left to somehow find a new life for themselves. Many of the Noctonians had died off due to disease and famine. Others were used for experiments by the UNA, simply dying because of what they did to them. Nexin's whole family had also died before his eyes, leaving him alone and severely sick.
One day, after burying his family, he had collapsed, falling into a coma. The coma was his body's way of keeping him alive. Luckily for him, UNA scientists happened to be observing him and came to his rescue. Five months having passed, Nexin woke up to find himself strapped to bed, with a life support system beside him. The amount of experiments conducted on him is unknown.
Another month went by, the scientists helped him recover by injecting various fluids into him, and he was healthy once more. He stayed with the scientists a while longer, agreeing to be tested on as long as he was cared for. He was schooled and was provided for up until he was fifteen. By then, he was allowed to leave Nocton as a gift for aiding the scientists in their work. Before he left, he was given the option to get a UIC chip drilled into his head, he declined.

After arriving in the peaceful country of Idillis, Nexin felt lost. He was in a place so unfamiliar, it was unnerving. He came across towns that ignored his presence or welcomed him with open arms. For days on end, he travelled across the country on foot since he didn't have the common coin. He survived off of theft and trespassing which at first, made him guilty, but after some time, he got used to it as a daily part of life. Eventually, he made his way to Fariadyn, then to the capital of Grieva. During his travels, he accumulated money to spend his days at hotels, gambling at night or stealing. He still held no Auli, but he did have resources that would get him a bed every night.
Two months after finding refuge in Rustspire, his line of work consisted of gambling and theft. He never got caught and lived this way for as long as he desired. But in the fourth month, he chose the wrong target to steal from. The man he snuck up on in the alley, was that from the most relentless faction on Aurlia. Somnia. Nexin was lucky to get out of the situation with just a thread of consciousness. While he lay severely injured in the alleyway, the man stayed with him and scowled at him while laughing at Nexin's failure. In between laughs, the man mentioned Somnia and how Nexin could never get in even if he tried. They only allowed the best of the worst humans alive.
From that experience, Nexin was determined to find an actual purpose, something the UNA hadn't taught him beforehand. Thus, he tried his hand at becoming one of the most god-awful humans alive. He felt a new ambition to achieve something as that, being a member of the most feared faction. And the best part was that he heard they worked alongside the UNA, a group he admired despite their apparent flaws.
After many months training, Nexin recognized the same man that beat him up that one fateful day. He challenged him to fight upon meeting, and they found themselves an alley. Nexin came out bloody victorious. From then on, he repeatedly got into fights to the death with criminals and delinquents alike. Eventually, he became infamous around Rustspire and gained acknowledgement from Somnia. Country police tried arresting him, but to no avail.
In due time, Somnia recruited Nexin and trained him even more to make him the very best. His ranking increased almost every few weeks, which soon led to him being the First Lieutenant.

One year before turning twenty-one, Nexin contracted the Terminus disease. He was quarantined by the UNA but kept in their care. Due to his previous time alongside UNA scientists, he was given special treatment by them. He had been given many dosages of Novosirox which mostly cured the Terminus. He was also offered two bionic arms to replace his decayed ones; the UIC chip was installed along with other helpful techs.

Extra: Since he has bionic appendages, a kind of EMP grenade could be used to deactivate the bionic appendage's abilities but not it's movement.
His alias is ION as it was given by his scientist care-takers. It reminds him of his actual name and family. He doesn't want a soul to know his real name.

Roleplay Sample:  "You're fighting wars for the wrong side." Someone had told him once. This was back in Rustspire where he was spending his days mindlessly following his leader's orders. He had to prove himself back then, back when he had recently joined Somnia. The person who told him that phrase was his target. He knew the guy's name and face once, but now it was only a blurry memory. When his target said those words, he could easily make out the desperation in his voice. He had actually laughed at it back then, thinking it was such a stupid thing to say before you were to die. Though not even a minute after, he felt a pang of...of something. He couldn't recall that feeling now, but he remembered that he felt it. He had hesitated too, hesitated before he slid his blade through the incapacitated guy's throat. He remembered that he shed tears then, as well, for some reason. That moment just stuck with him even to this day, yet things had changed so much since. For about three minutes, tears escaping down his cheek, he had gazed into his target's eyes. He only recalled the fright within them, the fear that reflected his own. He also remembered saying the last two words to him, "I know."
First Lieutenant
First Lieutenant

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Re: Ion Bio

Post by Desmeon on Wed Sep 14, 2016 8:16 pm

I don't want to have to put this off any longer than it needs to be...
So, this is now -

Feel free to roleplay, and your U.I. Code is O09909.



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