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NAU Week

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NAU Week

Post by Desmeon on Sat Sep 17, 2016 3:03 pm

"Welcome to the Aurlian News Network! We're here to bring you the latest news regarding all of Aurlia. I'm your host, Generic Gene, and here's our co-host, Typical Cal. So, Cal, what's on the agenda today?"

"Well, Gene, on this bright day, everyone across Aurlia is starting to celebrate the unification of the UNA and each nation on Aurlia."

"Oooh, what's that Cal? Explain to the fans watching what that means."

"Sure thing, Gene. It's the Nations of Aurlia Unification Week. It takes place from Crozaire 20th-28th. It's the unification of nations all across Aurlia, or the founding week of the UNA. They sought to compromise over the years, thus having a week to celebrate it. During the week, nations are to keep peace until the 29th. People all over the world set off fireworks and hold festivals of their culture."

"Slick, Cal! So, you heard it here people! It's a time to celebrate the week committed to every one of the countries on the planet! You have anything else to include, Cal?"

"Why yes, Gene. To the citizens on Aurlia, you all have fun and be careful throughout this week!"

"Thanks, Cal. We'll be back with the weather after these short messages..."


Well, you read it. It's an Aurlia Event! I'm not sure what kinds of things we'll do throughout these eight days, but let's wing it. ^^'
Feel free to roleplay your character down below or something.
Hopefully, we can get some activity this week.




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