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Sentinel - The Child Reborn!

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Sentinel - The Child Reborn!

Post by Sentinel on Wed Dec 14, 2016 9:55 pm


Full Name: Koda Sentix
Alias/Nickname: Sentinel
Date of Birth/Age:  Orius, Illene 11th, Year - Orius, Aecus 7th, 1883
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Personality: Sentinel is an outgoing individual,who might be rough to meet at first, but warms up to everyone. He’s loyal to his good friends, but is still heavily influenced by Auli. He likes to believe he is a mature individual, and eager to climb the ranks, sadly Sentinel is nothing short of accident prone, and constantly needs someone keeping him in check. He values the life of allies heavily and the life of anyone else is irrelevant.
Fears: Loss, death (the thought of him dying), and being alone.



Height: 6”2’ (188cm)
Weight: 180
Eye Color: Black
Born Appearance/Looks: Medium length black hair draped over his black eyes. A small nose, a medium sized mouth that is constantly stretched to a shit eating grin. A pointed chin. Broad shoulders and a muscular build, and long legs that make most of his height (Sorry that this wasn’t described very eloquently, I was just trying to describe him from his head to his feet).



Weapons: A single dual barrel .44 magnum revolver. It works by having two rings in the cylinder for both barrels. Has two butterfly triggers to fire at the same time for damage, or one at a time, for increased accuracy. Kinda like this: and a archaic butterfly knife that he uses in spite of more practical options.
Clothing/Armour: Wears light Aurlian-Kevlar on the torso with flexible metal plates to cover vital organs. Wears a purple bandana in combat to cover most of his face, except for his nose. Has thin black gloves with purple details. Has pitch black pants that have little to no protection to allow movement.
Gear/Gadgets: Has earbuds that make clicking noises to use echolocation in order to understand his surrounding. Useful in close quarters combat, not so much when trying to hide. He also has contacts that are decked out with night vision, “flashlights” that brighten his vision, and can record videos and take pictures just in case.


Social Status

Place of birth: On the island off the east coast of Covenya
Ethnicity: Covenyan and Lucon.
Language: Aulor and Coveni
Faction/Standing: Is a Avenoir operative
Role: Novice
Occupation: Picks up any bounty they can get a hold of, as long as it doesn’t go against his morals
Alignment: Loyal to those who are close but quick to betray outsiders? Neutral or chaotic if I had to guess.
Family/Relatives: Was raised by his Aunt and Uncle, mother is dead from natural causes, but father left when news of the pregnancy came.
Spouse: N/A
Pet(s)/Companion(s): A white cat he keeps around, named Zara (Or a white cat’s Aurlian equivalent)


History: Koda was born from a Lucon merchant and a Covenyan contractor. He was conceived when his father went to Covenya to hire his mother for a building project in Lucon. They immediately hit it off. But when news of the pregnancy came about he left a sizable sum of money(To a Convenyan, but not a Lucon) and not a word of notice. His mother later died from a terrible virus early into his life, so he went to live with his aunt and uncle on his mother’s side. They were rather well off and Koda despised their way of living. His uncle picked up on this and tried to relate to him by showing him how to shoot a gun. Koda was a talented marksman but always preferred smaller weapons to enable mobility. In his adolescent years his aunt was assassinated by the Avenoir, and soon after came news of corruption and theft. Showing his aunt and uncle were felons who money laundered and practically stole their fortune. At first Koda was in denial, the Avenoir had killed all he had ever had for a mother and imprisoned his uncle for life. But after seeing the damage they had caused, and all the pain that had came about because of his family, he began to understand, and eventually idolize the Avenoir. He left his uncle to rot in prison and gave all the money he had to those who were affected by his aunt, and set off to join the Avenoir. Needing a new moniker to cut ties with his family he took his last name, and transformed into Sentinel.
Extra: Hates his eye color, makes sure to use his contacts to change the color to a royal purple.
Roleplay Sample: Sentinel’s eyes flashed open, the light blinded him.
“Fuck, turn off the lights! Turn ‘em off!” His contacts flashed and then dimmed. He hated falling asleep with them on, but it had become a terrible habit. He tried to recall the night before, but only fragments came to him. Something about a lawyer, his kids hired them for the op, or was it his wife? Probably for the inheritance, he wasn’t sure about that one, but it always is about the money. He raised his wrist to his face, very deliberately. Looking at his watch, he whisper-yelled “8:45! I’m already late for training." He was about to get up when he noticed Zara resting on his chest. “Ah, Expert Zeke isn’t going to miss me, I can wait a bit longer.”


If I am missing anything significant be sure to tell me, I'll fix it as soon as possible

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Re: Sentinel - The Child Reborn!

Post by Desmeon on Fri Dec 16, 2016 8:48 pm

So sorry I got to this late!

This looks really well made. So you're now...



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