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Starfire (Almost Done!)

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Starfire (Almost Done!)

Post by Starfire on Sun May 08, 2016 3:53 pm


Full Name:
 Starfire (Akari Rin)
Alias: Star/Starfire(what she's known as)
Date of Birth/Age:
Date - Kyrius, Zehli 10th, 1883
Age - 17 years
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Personality: Starfire can seem a little friendly on the outside, but inside she is burning with mischief. She loves to pull jokes and pranks. She also enjoys vandalism, like spray-painting trains, cars, walls. She also has quite the temper. Instead of getting sad, she gets angry. And while she is not easily saddened, she is easily angered.
Fears: She has a small fear of getting caught by officials, and a slightly bigger fear of embarrassing herself, losing reputation, and losing Ashi



165 cm (5 feet, 4.1 inches)
Weight: 43.5 kg (95.90 lbs)
Eye Color: very dark grey
Born Appearance/Looks: Star has fair skin and black hair that is tied into a ponytail, and small breasts.



Starfire normally wields a katana, which she keeps in sheath strapped onto her back. She also carries two smaller knives.
Clothing/Armor: Star wears black thigh-high stockings, black boots, and black fingerless gloves. She wears strong, fireproof armor disguised as a school uniform.
Gear/Gadgets: None at the time
Other: N/A


Social Status

Place Of Birth:

Continent - Zeyrix
Country - Idilis
Faction: Eviternity
Role: Co-Leader
Alignment: She's considered good-ish, but has a big mischievious side to her and will cause trouble sometimes
Sakari - A cheerful 15-year-old student at Akona High. She looks nothing like Starfire. She has long, black-to-pink-to-white hair that is usually in a high ponytail. Sakari also has pale skin and and pink eyes. She has adark side. How she came to get it will be explained in a story I am writing.
Spouse: None
Pet(s)/Companion(s): Starfire has a young female Firebird, whom she named Ashi, as a companion. (A Firebird is a mythical creature thought up by myself. Information on it will be posted later)



 She loves tricking people who think she is an innocent, weak school girl. She strikes when they least expect it.
No one knows her real name. Not even her sister.
History: Unknown at the moment
Roleplay Sample:
   "Aishi!" Starfire called. Her Firebird replied with a cry and came into view below. "Rooftop Escape!" Starfire commanded.
   Ashi responded with another cry and flew ahead. Starfire faced forward and pushed harder against the ground. The rooftop edge was drawing closer by the second.
   Another cry came from Ashi. Shouts came from behind. The path ahead was ending. Face scrunched up with determination, Starfire pushed harder.
   Time seemed to slow down as she pushed off the edge of the rooftop, launching herself into the air. Just when it seemed like she had jumped to her death, a blur of flame caught her.
   "Good job, Ashi," Starfire praised her pet as they flew away.

(When I was writing the running on the rooftop part, I was reminded of Mirror's Edge for some reason lol)

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