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Kayia Gable

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Kayia Gable

Post by Kayia on Fri May 13, 2016 7:28 pm


Full Name: Kayia Rickonaglin Gable
Alias: Kayia, Kay
Date of Birth/Age: Zehli 40th 1881 (19 years old)
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Personality: Kayia is a reserved person, never getting into things. She's one of the people that would want to help someone who's getting bullied but isn't brave enough to help and would walk away. She loves music, and if it wasn't for her worrying about someone sneaking up on her or trying to barge into her home she'd listen with her earbuds all the time. Kay's usually quiet and watches more than she involves herself with. If she did find someone threatening to her she'd usually try and pepper spray them, but not wanting to pull a false alarm she'll usually restrain herself from doing this at first glance. Kay usually can be found walking her dog when she's not going to work or some place dogs aren't allowed. At home she can be found drawing, reading, or on her laptop or, most common of all, playing or petting Shiba. When she sleeps Kayia usually will have Shiba next to her or within reach. With Shiba around Kayia is usually less frightened because she's sure that she'll protect her if needed. If she needs stuff to read she'll go down to the library, another common place to see her. Even though she has to wake up early for work, Kay considers herself a night owl.
Fears: Cars - Not cars themselves, but getting into a car accident. Cars are dangerous, and she gets stressed every time she drives one.
Dangerous Animals - Kayia fears animals that could easily tear her apart or would attack her if she found herself stranded in the wild.
People - Mostly people that would kill or harm her in one way or another. This is why she barely wears her headphones because they block her ability to hear someone coming from around her.
Police - Even though they're here to protect everyone she's still afraid that they'll arrest her, even though she's done nothing wrong. She'll always try to avoid them and smile at them if she see's them.



Height: 167.64 cm (5 feet 5 inches)
Weight: 125.5lbs (56.93kg)
Eye Color: Blue
Born Appearance/Looks: Kayia has long brown hair that has a slight wave to it. Her hair reaches below her shoulder blades and is usually kept in a ponytail to keep it from going everywhere. She also has bright blue eyes and fair skin. She's at an ideal weight, or one that she's mostly happy with to where she isn't a stick or super fat. Kayia would have a B-cup. She has long legs and arms and is able to go a long distance without needing to stop if running.



Weapons: She has a small bottle of pepper spray in case someone gets too close. Apart from that that's about it.
Clothing/Armor: Kayia mostly wears tennis shoes with a short sleeve tee and shorts in the warmer months. When it gets cold she'll wear blue jeans and longer, thicker shirts. She also tends to wear her black coat more when it's cold, whether it's night or just cold out.
Gear/Gadgets: N/A
Other: She carries around a phone and earbuds with her, along with some hair ties to put her hair up. For when she's at home she has all of the necessary things like bathing supplies and food, along with books, a laptop, and some drawing materials. Kayia also owns a bike in case she needs to get to places farther away.


Social Status

Place of birth: Someplace in Fraizur, Krion
Faction: N/A
Role: N/A
Occupation: Kayia works for a cafe as a waitress.
Alignment: Neutral
Family/Relatives: Mother - Venus Martuiwe Gable (Kariten)
Father - Jackson (Jack) Rickonaglin Gable
Brother - Henry Martuiwe Gable
Spouse: N/A
Pet(s)/Companion(s): A black and white Siberian Husky named Shiba



Extra: She lives in a small apartment in Fraizur.
History: Kay's history is really simple. She just grew up with her family and completed school before moving out to start her own life. Her father has taught her how to shoot a gun and her mother has taught her how to cook and bake.
Roleplay Sample: It was early morning, and Kayia could tell from the light coming through her window. Shiba was sleeping next to her as usual, getting hair all over her bed and everything. Even if that dog shed more that she did, Kayia still loved her to death. "You big furball, move so I can get to work!" Kay said with a smile, gently encouraging her dog off of her bed. Once she got out she threw some clothes and brushed her teeth with a quick hair comb before darting out the door.

Last time she checked on her phone it was 15 minutes until she had to get to work. That was more than enough time to get to the cafe and sign in with her little apron on. The sidewalks were already starting to fill in with people as they walked to work or to shop, cars driving by on the streets. Some birds in a park nearby were chirping nosily. It was the life that Kay had gotten accustom to over her year of living here.

The cafe that she worked at was only a few minutes away from her apartment by foot. If she was running too late she'd take her bike there in less than four, but that's also with trying to avoid the crowds. If she knew that she also wasn't going to be too long and was on a short shift, she might also bring Shiba down and tie her outside with a bowl of water so she wouldn't have to worry about her tearing up the place or having to go back for her later. Instead of grabbing something before she left the apartment Kayia usually just grabbed something from the cafe, granted she paid for it of course.

Walking in through the back she could already hear the quiet mumbling of conversations in the cafe. Grabbing her apron she walked through the door separating the backroom from the workplace. There were two people sitting outside with what appeared to be some coffee and just chatting. Inside there were a few more, maybe five, with some working on their laptops and others just enjoying coffee and a meal before heading off to work. It was the same old thing Kayia saw everyday, and she still loved it. Most people might hate their job, and while she might not get paid much it's still not too bad for her. Now all she had to do was wait for the next order.
(That took so much to end it, I could've gone on forever but I figured I'd spare you for now.)[/b][/b]
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Re: Kayia Gable

Post by Zero on Wed Jun 15, 2016 1:22 am

Your character has been approved! You may now begin roleplaying.



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